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August 28, 2008

"The Retreat"

Dscn1451_2 Later this week, I am going to be on a Retreat of sorts.  I am telling you this ahead of time because if I come up missing on my blog for a few days, I don't want anyone to worry.  Here is the thing, I have come so far in the past few years that all of a sudden, I ran out of goals.  It was time to make an important decision; I am taking these few days to make Marie a better person. 

I have big plans to kind of recharge and re enter my adventures with a new fresh spirit.  You know what is exciting? I have no idea how that will happen but I feel that when you are open to all of life, it will be brought forth as a gift.  I can't wait to see it all evolve. 

I have been "Religiously Regular" with my postings for the past year and  have worked really hard traveling all over to learn new things and create adventures that I can share with all of you.

"Let the work I have done speak for me"  See you in a few days.


August 27, 2008

" Helmets or Lack of "

Goofy Did you all notice the lack of bicycle helmets on the bicycle riders in Beijing?.  I even caught several news stories where our American journalists were riding bikes with one of the local escorts through the daily traffic.  The comment was, "We don't use them here."   Well I just don't get it.  It certainly cannot be because of the lack of traffic or population.  It cannot be due to lack of education; they  know the difference and these citizens are certainly very intelligent in their modern city.  Where did that concept get missed/forgotten?  You have to use your head to protect your head.  Don't follow that casual approach.  I hate how I look in a bicycle helmet, but I can't imagine not wearing one any more than being in a car without a seat belt.  Don't hop on a bike without strapping on a helmet that :Will

Touches your head all the way around,

Rests level.

Extends as low as possible to help cover the sides of your head

Resists violent shakes and stays in place

Doesn't rock back and forth more than an inch or so

Sits one to two finger widths above your eyebrows to protect your forehead. By the way these little guys helmets are askew but they were not on the bikes when we took the picture.   

Come Ride With Me

August 24, 2008

"Family Fitness"

Bike_riding_058_2 Everyone knows the healthy benefits of exercising, but it's not always easy to get everyone involved.  You can encourage your family to become fit by following these tips from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention:

Limit how much time your children spend watching TV and playing video games.

Don't eat snacks or meals in front of the TV.  If possible, exercise while watching TV.

Schedule family fitness activities such as biking, hiking or tennis.

Set exercise goals as a family to help everyone stick to the fitness plan.

Encourage your children to try individual sports, such as tennis, swimming or biking, that can be done all through life.    

I have already purchased my gear to begin swimming.  I figured that since I have two coaches in the family, with  Will and Jack, the "Swimmers", I have no excuse anymore.

Come Ride With Me 

August 20, 2008

"Is A Scolding Due?"

Scolding_2 Well, yet another discovery.  Since I have started my story, I must admit that I have used Google to look for many images and ideas.  So, sometimes on occasion  I'm mindlessly throwing in names or whatever and click on "Search Images".  So I was screwing around today and OMG, all  kinds of images started appearing on Google.  My grandchildren, my children, my friends,family, even the Bicycle Guru. You are all linked in some way to my Women Who Ride Blog.

I have always been very careful to request permission from everyone before I post pictures on my blog, especially the pictures of the children.  Needless to say a sense of panic came over me when I discovered what has taken place.  So, I am formally apologizing.  If however you have endless amounts of time to spare and you are kind of in a silly mood, plug in your name or my nickname for you and see what comes up.  (You must also click on images).    

It's all a learning experience, and it sure is fun.  I hope you are all OK with this.

I'm going to pull out the Mountain Bike this weekend.  Now that the summer activities are finished I want to spend the next few months with the "Little Boy Twin".  It's coming up on a great time of year to explore.    I myself need to see the progress on my local bike path that has been under construction.  It seems to have grown about three more miles.

Come Ride With Me

August 18, 2008

"Employees and Fitness"

Dscn1477 Some months back I wrote about a bike ride I shared with a nursing student.  The point I was making on my journal was that more nurses and doctors need to set a better example about living a healthy life. 

When I was traveling last month, I met a very impressive young man by the name of Andrew Gallardo.  "Andy" is the Program Manager for Employee Fitness at Kaiser Permanente here in Southern California.  This is an impressive website and I hope you take a look.  Get Fit So Cal  is bringing visibility to this very topic of fit doctors and nurses.  When we introduced ourselves to each other I immediately knew that I had to sit down with him to discuss what he is doing.   Andy has an impressive management background but here is what I noticed.  He is a loving husband, daddy of two boys, dedicated to cancer awareness and a cancer survivor.  Now I try not to define people by what they have endured and what I have told you about him only scratches the surface; and all that takes care of itself on a day to day basis.  The point I am trying to drive home is... as full as his plate is,,, he is always thinking about what he can do to help others.  My message for today, there is always time to find someone who needs a few minutes of your time.  Make the time to help and somehow your life will become easier for you too.

I can't wait until Andy sends me a picture of the family on their bicycles.  They all have TREK's.  You will hear more about Andy in future posts as well as my other new friends. 

Come Ride With Me.

August 14, 2008

"I'm Backed Up"

IBike_riding_166_2  have a closet full of stories I want to share with you as well as introducing you to more of my new friends.  The Trek dealer show is going on this week and I miss being there with the Women Who Ride.  Things just didn't work out for all of us to attend so those of us who are house bound are focusing on the work at hand in the neighborhood, and remembering that it is more important to be out there writing so those that want to read about our daily perils won't be disappointed.    (My picture is from the LA Challenge in San Jose 2008; That's my friend Andrew Scherf in the background)  It has been a year now since I have been pouring out my heart to you all.  I want to thank you all for your tremendous responses and support.  I have made so many new pen pals that I promise to stay in touch with for as long as you all write back to me.  I have learned that we are really all so closely connected and that we need to nurture our spirit by connecting with people every day.  It fills your heart with something that you cannot buy at the neighborhood supermarket.    

Someday there might be a new Women Who Ride team but I hope you all never forget the First, just as we remember the first "Big Brother" cast.  I'm certainly not saying Good By, just getting a little sentimental about another anniversary to note.  So, I thought this would be your opportunity to ask questions about the program, about me, about any of the friends I have written about, or ANYTHING I might have left unanswered.  I am an open book any always give an honest answer.  Now is your chance.  I'll answer it all.

Come Ride With Me. 


August 12, 2008

The Other Olympics

Dscn1493 If I was a better photog, my picture of Will would not be so dark but anyway; Saturday and Sunday my grandson Will, "my bicycle riding buddy", was being featured in his own Olympics of sort.  It was the County Swim Meet for all the local cities in the area.  Will, who is now 7 years old, did such a good job grabbing a 2nd and 3rd place in his events.  I was so pleased that he called me on his own and ask that I come to watch him swim.   I think my grandchildren are always quick to call me because they know that I am a great "Cheerleader".  I cherish all their accomplishments and live out the events vicariously through them.

Here was my Ahhhh Moment.... and it was quite significant to me.  With all my challenges that I have experienced this summer, it seemed that every time I faced a hill, or whatever, I would be so scared beyond words, and could do nothing but just take a giant leap forward, swallowed hard and just jumped ahead.  As I stood at the end of this Olympic pool, ready to take my photos and saw sweet little Will standing at the other end on the starting block, I had an Epiphany.  I was thinking he never had a chance to swim in a pool this big before.  I know what he must be feeling, because it's such a long was to the other end.   The buzzer went off and before I had a chance to blink, he was in the water and sailing with his "Free Style" as fast as lighting. (it seemed)  He wasn't afraid, this little guy has always had so much confidence and that has been instilled my his parents.  He has tried many sports, many of which he enjoyed more than others.  He has been brought up with the mindset that you give everything a try.  He has inspired me.  I can't wait to tell him that.  He tries, he gives it his best and at the end of the day he feels good about the experience.  Let me just say one more thing.  Will loves the "gear" whatever the sport, and I think he gets that from me and I got that from my Dad.  It gives us just one more thing in common.

Come Ride With Me.   

August 11, 2008

"Benefits of Old Friends"

Look at what someone sent to me; I was featured in the "Seniors World Chronical".  Sorry to my Trek Sisters who were included in the picture, but that is the benefit of having a senior friend.  This senior thing doesn't bother me a bit, because I have at least 40 more years to go.  I just have to keep moving.    "Digest of News and Reports On Seniors"

USA: Five Real Women Who Ride Inspire Outdoors Lovers 

MILWAUKEE, Wisconsin based Trek Bicycle Corporation has a website which features WOMEN WHO RIDE (See Photo).

"Let us introduce you to five women who ride. These women share their stories and capture our hearts." Of course they ride for the love of it, but more importantly, they ride for opportunities cycling offers. Their stories put a smile on your face and a tear in your eyes. They are Trek Women: Jen, Stephanie, Marie, Susan and Laura. Each of them blogs on Adventures, Outdoors, Life, and provide the backdrop to TREK's message of Positive Living.

MARIE WESTROPE is 61 years old and very proud of each and every one of those years. As a mother, a daughter, a sister and a caregiver, Marie has recently entered a new chapter in her life as a widow with a very large promise to live out for her loved one. She captures our attention with her calm and positive personality. Tackling a new sport and lifestyle at 61 years of age, Marie has broken down more barriers than most 38 year olds. Her story of achievement is impressive and inspirational.
August 8, 2008

"A Little Bit Slower"

Cayucos_007  You know, we all have our ups and downs.  Some days we feel really good, probably because we are rested and other days we feel weak and tired.  Sometimes this happens because we are training too hard, sometimes we might have something physical going on with the "Body".  It's all cyclical and I myself have learned to accept these conditions as the new normal.  Try not to let this hold you back.

That being said, my knee is still sore and I have been resting it according to doctors orders.  I am ready after a week to get on my bike and begin to ride again this weekend.  It doesn't have to be a back breaker to be a good ride.  If I can get some fresh air, peace of mind and muster a smile, that is a good ride.  I will take it easy, find  a flat route and do what the doctor recommends.  What does he recommend? Keep Moving.  The bicycle is good even for stiff sore joints because there is no "Impact" as with jogging.     Did I mention that my orthopedic doctor and his wife ride Trek bikes?  We had quite a conversation about WSD and how important it is that the equipment is fit for a woman's body. 

It always pleases me that I never have to travel to far without getting into a conversation about bicycles.  Try it sometime and see how often it occurs.   Have a great weekend.

Come Ride With Me

August 8, 2008


Mattmyers I wanted to take the time to mention someone that I met while attending a Trek Demo.  Please meet Matt Myers, he is the General Manager of the Trek Super Store in La Mesa/San Diego, California While I was making plans to meet up with Tori Broughton, the "WSD DEMO CHICK" for my region, I sent a little e-mail request to the Trek store in that area to ask for information.  Matt was so friendly and responded to me with such enthusiasm that I really wanted to make the Sunday morning trip in order to meet their group.

Not to mention that it was probably the hottest weekend so far this summer, Matt and his staff were out there to support the Demo representatives and greet the eager participants.  Everyone did a fine job, and I'm sure there were three or four WSD sales as a result of everyones effort.  I wanted to mention how much I learn when I show up at these events.  Just listening to the Trek representatives answer inquiries really gives me a lot of insight into issues I hadn't even thought about.  Stop by one of these demos sometime.

If you live in proximity to this store, you must check it out.  I was so impressed with how many activities they sponsor and how well organized they are for public participation.  Check out their website and you will gather good tips as well as inspiration.  I'll make another trip down that way and join them for a ride soon.  Thanks Matt.

Come Ride With Me.