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August 27, 2008

" Helmets or Lack of "

Goofy Did you all notice the lack of bicycle helmets on the bicycle riders in Beijing?.  I even caught several news stories where our American journalists were riding bikes with one of the local escorts through the daily traffic.  The comment was, "We don't use them here."   Well I just don't get it.  It certainly cannot be because of the lack of traffic or population.  It cannot be due to lack of education; they  know the difference and these citizens are certainly very intelligent in their modern city.  Where did that concept get missed/forgotten?  You have to use your head to protect your head.  Don't follow that casual approach.  I hate how I look in a bicycle helmet, but I can't imagine not wearing one any more than being in a car without a seat belt.  Don't hop on a bike without strapping on a helmet that :Will

Touches your head all the way around,

Rests level.

Extends as low as possible to help cover the sides of your head

Resists violent shakes and stays in place

Doesn't rock back and forth more than an inch or so

Sits one to two finger widths above your eyebrows to protect your forehead. By the way these little guys helmets are askew but they were not on the bikes when we took the picture.   

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