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August 8, 2008


Mattmyers I wanted to take the time to mention someone that I met while attending a Trek Demo.  Please meet Matt Myers, he is the General Manager of the Trek Super Store in La Mesa/San Diego, California While I was making plans to meet up with Tori Broughton, the "WSD DEMO CHICK" for my region, I sent a little e-mail request to the Trek store in that area to ask for information.  Matt was so friendly and responded to me with such enthusiasm that I really wanted to make the Sunday morning trip in order to meet their group.

Not to mention that it was probably the hottest weekend so far this summer, Matt and his staff were out there to support the Demo representatives and greet the eager participants.  Everyone did a fine job, and I'm sure there were three or four WSD sales as a result of everyones effort.  I wanted to mention how much I learn when I show up at these events.  Just listening to the Trek representatives answer inquiries really gives me a lot of insight into issues I hadn't even thought about.  Stop by one of these demos sometime.

If you live in proximity to this store, you must check it out.  I was so impressed with how many activities they sponsor and how well organized they are for public participation.  Check out their website and you will gather good tips as well as inspiration.  I'll make another trip down that way and join them for a ride soon.  Thanks Matt.

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Hi Marie,
I was looking through the Trek web sites to investigate buying a road bike and came upon your blog. It was very amazing and fun to read, I have been a casual rider for several year, but now the kids are grown and I was looking for an interesting and fun hobby. It had to be a hobby that was fitness oriented so I was looking to buy a road bike and learn more about cyclyling. I would love to do the breast cancer rides in my area so I might start with that in October. I live in New Jersey so there are a few rides that will take place. I want to also join a club so I cna find mentors to show me the ropes about cycling. I am also 60 years old and find that your stories and adventures really inspired me so thank you. What kind of bike do you have now? I have a mountain bike but I want a road bike too. Well thanks again Bunny

Posted by: Bunny McGauley | Aug 27, 2008 8:45:02 PM

I will respond on my blog, check out how I address your questions.

Posted by: Trek Sister Marie | Sep 8, 2008 8:22:31 PM

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