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August 20, 2008

"Is A Scolding Due?"

Scolding_2 Well, yet another discovery.  Since I have started my story, I must admit that I have used Google to look for many images and ideas.  So, sometimes on occasion  I'm mindlessly throwing in names or whatever and click on "Search Images".  So I was screwing around today and OMG, all  kinds of images started appearing on Google.  My grandchildren, my children, my friends,family, even the Bicycle Guru. You are all linked in some way to my Women Who Ride Blog.

I have always been very careful to request permission from everyone before I post pictures on my blog, especially the pictures of the children.  Needless to say a sense of panic came over me when I discovered what has taken place.  So, I am formally apologizing.  If however you have endless amounts of time to spare and you are kind of in a silly mood, plug in your name or my nickname for you and see what comes up.  (You must also click on images).    

It's all a learning experience, and it sure is fun.  I hope you are all OK with this.

I'm going to pull out the Mountain Bike this weekend.  Now that the summer activities are finished I want to spend the next few months with the "Little Boy Twin".  It's coming up on a great time of year to explore.    I myself need to see the progress on my local bike path that has been under construction.  It seems to have grown about three more miles.

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