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November 24, 2008

"7.6 FX WSD"

76fxwsd_white[1] Sue Bergeron is one of the ladies that I keep in touch with on a fairly regular basis and she is from "my age" neighborhood.  Sue is currently waiting for her new 7.6 FX to be delivered and I wanted to share her thoughts as just one of many who have written to me about this bike.   

"While doing two Backroads bike and multi-sport tours this past year, I realized that I felt a lot more confident and secure riding their bikes than my own.  The reason for this is because, their bikes have tires that are a little wider and are more forgiving when it comes to navigating small rocks, potholes, etc.  and also the handlebars are like those on a mountain bike so that I was able to sit up which is a lot easier on my back. Also the gear shifters were up on the handle bars with a visual indicator letting me know approximately what gear I was in and much easier for me to use.  For a comparison, a beach cruiser is the equivalent of a very comfortable pair of cross trainer shoes with inserts for added comfort.  My beautiful road bike with the curl down bars and skinny tires, however is for me the equivalent of trying to walk around in a parit of 5" stiletto heels!  If I am riding a beach cruiser, I am able to relax and enjoy a casual ride in a flat location without having to think too much.  But, if I am trying to walk around in 5" heels, I need to be hyper-aware of my surroundings so that I do not fall and break my neck or something else.  I plan to keep my beautiful road bike, but for the foreseeable future I am looking forward to becoming one with my beautiful new 7.6 FX WSD.  It is not that one bike is better than the other, it's just that for right now I believe my biking needs and skills are more suited to the 7.6 FX WSD.  I hate getting older, it sucks!  but I am in better health and shape now than I was in my 20's and I am able to do a lot more.  Hopefully, I am also wiser.  Sue Bergeron

I couldn't have said it better myself.

Come Ride With Me. 


Hi Marie,

Oooh, so sorry for the typos in my last note! It was late when I wrote it. By the way, if I didn't, I should have capitalized Backroads as it is the name of the travel company I have been hangin' with lately. My next trip (if every thing goes smoothly) will be to the Galapagos Islands for my 60th which is in March, 2009.

While I picked up my new Trek 7.6 FX WSD, over a week ago, I finally took it for a 3hr "maiden voyage" last Sunday up, around and through the Westlake/Thousand Oaks, CA area and I LOVE it!!! Trek got smart and put clips on it like the ones I put on my road bike which are flat on one side with mountain bike type clips on the other. This way the 7.6 can be ridden with either street shoes or bike shoes with mountain bike clips. Mountain bike clips are the type of clips most often used for "spin" classes. Near the beginning of Sunday's ride, while on a flat stretch, I decided to try riding with both feet clipped in. However, my heart sort of skipped a few beats when I couldn't get my left foot unclipped. Luckily I was able to get it out before I fell over. However, I left it unclipped until the end of the ride when I could stop at the bike shop snd get it adjusted. These dual sided pedals are great for people like me who seem to have more difficulties than most getting used to petal clips. Even though I have a lot of stamina, hills tend to be a problem for. However, the gear range on the 7.6 is wider which makes hill climbing a lot easier. Remember not easy,but easier! So on one of the hills we did I was able to pedal about 90% of it. Marie, once you have had the opportunity to test ride the 7.6 FX, bike, I would be curious to hear about your experiences with it.

Posted by: Sue Bergeron | Nov 25, 2008 2:29:08 AM

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