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November 6, 2008

"Body Mind and Spirit" 3

G glass 5 Today I want to speak about the power of our inner "Spirit".  I could talk to you all week long about the Spirit within us; and it may be more logical to say the "Spirits" with us.  This I know for sure that my spirit has led me down the path that I travel today.  It inspires AND drives  me.  Actually it is happening to all of us every day.  The spirit keeps us going and gives us courage to face each day.

Here is what I work on all day long, every single day. I thought I knew everything about three years ago.  I thought that there couldn't be another experience in my life that I could learn from.  Well along comes a whole new group of friends into my life, actually every day I meet someone I can learn about and from.  So every day and all day long, as I was saying, I seem to analyze every thought and word that comes across my mind.  I try to make adjustments so that my thoughts are always positive and all vibrations that I send back out are positive.  I try to direct my words to those that I am speaking to and with, and I try to be a better listener.  I don't know how much of this is working but some of it must be because I don't seem to dwell on the negative as much as I try to see things as others want me to.  

My point is, we need to always work on the development of our inner self, and find a way to do that in a way that works best for you.  It's an ongoing process but it sure feels good and something else; it starts happening automatically without very much effort at all.  Don;t ignore yourself, listen, and learn because your are your best teacher.  So for now. this is my little lecture about Body, Mind and Spirit, all of which together is what you are made of.  Enjoy.....

Come Ride With Me.  


Hi Marie,

Well this afternoon I went and purchased the 7.6 FX WSD. It needed to be ordered but should be in by Wednesday. There are two reasons I decided to go with the 7.6 FX WSD instead of the 7.9. First, the production time for 7.9 appears to be taking a lot longer that anyone thought and second, it appears that there will not be WSD version, at least not any time soon. The good news is that since the 7.6 is aluminum with carbon forks and not all carbon, it is considerably less expensive. Also, remember I was sharing with you about the bike pedal clips I put on the road bike(clip on one side/flat on the other), well all the new 7.6 FX models come with this type of pedal. Good marketing! I am not sure why, but all the 7.6 FX WSD's are white with gold highlighting. I hope the gold is subtle and not too much of if! I will give you an update after I have had a chance to ride it. Sue

Posted by: Sue Bergeron | Nov 8, 2008 11:28:34 PM

The following is the reason I am so excited to be able to get the new 7.6 FX WSD. The first bike I purchased as an adult was in 9/08 and it is a gorgeous blue/silver/white aluminum road bike w/carbon forks, drop down handle bars and very thin tires. While doing two Backroads bike and multi-sport tours (Italy and HI) this past year, I realized that I felt a lot more confident and secure riding their bikes than my own. The reason for this is because, their bikes have tires that are a little wider and are more forgiving when it comes to navigating small rocks, potholes, etc. and also the handlebars are like those on a mountain bike so that I was able sit up which is a lot easier on my back. Also the gear shifters were up on the handle bars with a visual indicator letting me know approximately what gear I was in and much easier for me to use. For a comparison, a beach cruiser is the equivalent of a very comfortable pair of cross trainer shoes with inserts for added comfort. My beautiful road bike with the curl down bars and skinny tires, however, is for me the equivalent of trying to walk around in a pair of 5" stilletto heels! If I am riding a beach cruiser, I am able to relax and enjoy a casual ride in a flat location without having to think too much. But if I am trying to walk around in shoes with 5" heels, I need to be hyper-aware of my surroundings so that I do not fall and break my neck or something else! I plan to keep my beautiful road bike, but for the forseeable future I am looking forward to "becoming one with my beautiful new 7.6 FX WSD". It is not that one bike is better or than the other, it's just that for right now I believe my biking needs and skills are more suited to the 7.6 FX WSD. I hate getting older it sucks! I will be 60 at the end of March, 2009. However, I am in better health and shape now than I was in my 20's and I am able to do a lot more. Hopefully, I am also wiser! Sue

Posted by: Sue Bergeron | Nov 9, 2008 12:19:09 AM

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