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November 2, 2008

"Body, Mind and Spirit"

Thumbnail[7] As I am turning a corner of sorts with regard to my bicycle goals, I was reflecting on how to get my thoughts together so I might share them with you.  Today I have a few things to say about The "Body".

As you might have read I recently underwent some knee surgery which I wanted to do, so I would be able to continue my riding.  This has taken somewhat of a bigger bite from life than I was expecting.  Yeah, Yeah, people tell me, "Well Marie you ARE almost 62 and it takes longer to heal than it would have if you were '20' years younger"   I have also heard things like "You might as well count on three months before you get back to where you were".  Then there are the people at the other end of the spectrum that cannot understand why I would still have any lingering limitations.  May I just add that the comments that I have received with regard to my limitations have all been from men. 

Everyone thinks they have all the answers.  But need I say that most women are built differently than men.  We have wide hips to bare those children and there is a whole different set of logistics when it comes to our carriage.  I just wanted to reinforce this thought.  No matter what the circumstances are that you are experiencing, listen to your own intuition.  Heal, recuperate, rehab, all at your own speed and get there when you get there.  These are the comments from the people that I have been listening to.  I suggest that everyone heals differently; it's not a race.  The race will come later when you are completed healed.

Whether you are starting out with your first bicycle ride, rehabbing an injury or just trying to experience something new; take your time, keep your own pace and listen to your heart.   

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Just keep listening, just keep listening :)

Posted by: xiousgeonz | Nov 3, 2008 10:06:49 AM

Hi Marie,

Nice article! Within the past month, I did a couple of new things for me. As I shared with you, I went to the big island of HI for 2 weeks. The first with Backroads on a multi-sport trip and I planned to just "hang out" the 2nd week. The trip with Backroads was awsome and seeing the Ironman Championships was really something too. The only downside was when we/I decided to do a 23 foot jump into the ocean from a lava rock. My 2 co-travelers are in their late 30's and I, as you know, am 59. Well we had a blast, but my mid-back really HATED it! When I came to the surface, I had a major muscle spasm across my mid-back. When I got to the hotel, I was able to get a massage from none other than the head massage therapist over all the massage therapists working the Ironman championship! While he gave me a terrific massage, I had a rough time getting around for the past couple of weeks. Since then I have had several chiro adjustments and massages. Last weekend, I able to complete the SCOR Prelude in Solvang. I tackled the 50 mi course and was very humbled. It felt like I was doing my first ride. While I registered for 62 mi, I am glad I stopped at 50 mi as the last 12 mi were almost entirely uphill with a lot of hairpin curves on a two lane road! I was only able to ride about 90% of the route. So on 3/14/09 for the Century, my goal will be to be able to ride the entire 50mi without any walking. If your knee is sufficiently healed by that time, maybe we can do the route together. You are very correct when it comes to healing, both physically and emotionally, it's over when its over and every one heals differently. PS - I am seriously considering getting a men's extra small 2009 Trek 7.9FX. Have you test rode one? Let me know. Best wishes, Sue.

Posted by: Sue Bergeron | Nov 3, 2008 11:29:44 PM

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