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December 19, 2008


Alaine on the bike 009 It was 39 degrees this morning and for us in Southern California, that is very "Nippy".  I might need a woolen mask to wear while riding my bike, but wait, maybe the cold air is just what I need to firm up the skin on my face: (Chuckles)  I'll take any hints.

So the members of my immediate family are all busy wrapping up last minute details before the Christmas Holiday arrives.  My sister is in town and wehave plans to go out visiting.  She was going to ride her bike today while I was at work so I hope I can make it home before darkness arrives and catch a snapshot of her for today's blog.  As for me I am off to the pool for my swimming rehab then back home to make a teat for "Snack Day" at work tomorrow.  

Hope you are all happy and well as the end of the year arrives.  Remember not to put too many expectations on yourself or the holidays; just enjoy them for what they were meant to be.  None of us are perfect so "Relax".

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All the cold air does is dry out your skin. I've finally got the right socks to battle Alligator Ankles... but I'm tellin' ya, my backside can get chapped. That's when I know it was windy :)
I stopped by my Trek dealer to deliver the traditional holiday fudge and they're giving me credit for inspiring the "functional cycling for the 21st century" events they're planning (as well as women's nights and mechanical classes). Dang, and I thought it was a Trek initiative... but I"m hoping they have wine & cheese like they did for the women's nights ;)

Posted by: Siouxgeonz | Dec 22, 2008 9:04:39 AM

Good job keeping up the image for Women Who Ride advocacy. I have yet to attend a Ladies night out because I never get any notification until the last minute. I would show up for the wine and cheese for sure.

Have a great holiday.

Posted by: Marie | Dec 22, 2008 9:08:58 AM

Hello Trek Team!

I am participating in my first triathalon at 50 in Kona in support of the leukemia society. Please visit my webpage. Any support would be very welcome!

Posted by: Sue | Jan 5, 2009 9:08:39 AM

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