Trek Women
December 19, 2008


Alaine on the bike 009 It was 39 degrees this morning and for us in Southern California, that is very "Nippy".  I might need a woolen mask to wear while riding my bike, but wait, maybe the cold air is just what I need to firm up the skin on my face: (Chuckles)  I'll take any hints.

So the members of my immediate family are all busy wrapping up last minute details before the Christmas Holiday arrives.  My sister is in town and wehave plans to go out visiting.  She was going to ride her bike today while I was at work so I hope I can make it home before darkness arrives and catch a snapshot of her for today's blog.  As for me I am off to the pool for my swimming rehab then back home to make a teat for "Snack Day" at work tomorrow.  

Hope you are all happy and well as the end of the year arrives.  Remember not to put too many expectations on yourself or the holidays; just enjoy them for what they were meant to be.  None of us are perfect so "Relax".

Come Ride with Me

December 9, 2008

"Reunion Follow-up"

 Holiday Party 024 All went well with my party planning and I reunited with many friends that I see once a year.  I was catching up with my friend Laurie that visits with her husband John every year from Louisiana.

 She participated again this year in a Triathlon relay team and still does her swimming several times a week.  We discussed how difficult it is to get out and train and exercise about 4 times a week especially this time of year when there are so many demands on our time.  There was also talk and an invitation for me to come to Louisiana to participate in a relay "Tri" with her and her friends.  I doubt if that will happen but we never say no to any good opportunity.  I wanted you to know that we also discussed how grateful we both are that we can be having a discussion about how we are still participating in active sports.  It's never too late to try something new and although I have preached this in the past, reminders and encouragement are always beneficial to me as well as you.

I think we need to throw a challenge out there that can be accomplished before the end of the year.  I'm not necessarily referring to a "record breaker".  Just remember to take a longer walk or ride your bike to a new destination.  It's a way to finish the year before we start thinking about new goals.

Come Ride With Me. 

December 3, 2008


Holiday mtg 009 It's that time of year again, time for our company Holiday Party which is almost like a class reunion.  Once again I am camped out at the hotel, working on numerous projects in preparation for the banquet as well as sales meetings.  I won't have time this year to take a ride on the famous Balboa Island, but I am looking forward to some rides with my sister when she come to town to visit during the holidays.  She keeps her Trek Lime lite at my house and I never ride it because it's her special bike.

Times are tough right now with our ailing economy, but it prompts me to suggest something different.  Instead of buy, buy buy, how about creating a new tradition with your family.  Weather permitting of course, why not schedule a Christmas morning bike ride, or a ride sometime during the season.  The kids will remember something you all did together before they ever remember a purchased toy, or we would like to think so...Arrange to ride to a friends house and if they are a real good friend, they will have hot chocolate waiting for your arrival, then you can offer to reciprocate.

This is a perfect time to create some new thinking and bring back some simpler times. Give it a try.

Come Ride With Me