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January 13, 2009

"Follow Up"

 Images[3] No problem or issues remain with Treading Water.  I learned to relax first by free floating on my back.  I relaxed further by using floating tubes / noodles and then treading water seemed much easier.  I want you all to know how much stronger I feel since I have been swimming.  This is a great compliment to our bicycle riding because we need to always be improving our skills on the riding. 

The mind is a powerful tool that can protect us but it can also limit us from experiencing new things.  We must keep an open mind and not let the stress and fear takeover the experience.  As I have now realized, this has plagued me in the past and now that I recognize the problem with the process, I can now correct it.  I'm anxious to apply this theory the  next time I am apprehensive about a more than challenging bike ride.

By the way it probably didn't hurt that I had a wonderful lesson in a beautiful environment.  How can you not help but relax in a pool that is heated to 84 degrees, swimming outside on a January evening when the daytime temperature was 80 and the pool was lit by a full moon.  Ahhh, Southern California.  All I need to do now is practice.

Come Ride With Me. 


So. You soon won't be able to say "I cannot tread water." :D Boy, does warm sound strange...

Posted by: siouxgeonz | Jan 20, 2009 4:41:24 PM

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