Trek Women
January 27, 2009

"Using The Shoes"

Images[9] Last week while I was at the gym, I met up with a new Spin Class instructor.  We started up a conversation and I expressed how I so wanted to attend the class but didn't think it was a good idea with my tender knee.He immediately showed me his scarred knees as a result of several operations and quickly responded, 'Yes you can"!!!..   Besides, I can use my clip shoes again that have been on hold for some time due to doctors orders not to do the twist in those shoes.

If you know me, that is all I needed to hear to get me to that class and that is just what I have planned for this week.  While participating in several different spin classes I must say when the instructor yells out to you to "get out of the saddle you lazy sleaze bag", several things come to mind but first, want to get out of that saddle alright and slither out of the room and hide.  While I know they are there to motivate you, a good majority of us are barely there and I for one need more of a positive message.  Let's move on...

My new instructor offered to adjust my bike, make sure everything is set up perfectly and told me by the time the first session is finished, I will have all the confidence I need to continue with the classes and become the super girl I intend to be, or that is in my heart.    So here we go again, wish me luck as this is just once more step to getting myself back to where I want to be in my Bicycle life.  I hope you are all listening and can see that we all have the wherewithal to make a comeback.  You just need to want it in your heart and surround yourself with the right motivators/people in your life that want you to have it too.

Come Ride With Me. 

January 20, 2009

"A Celebrity Connection"

DSC00116 My sister wrote to me today expressing how much she is enjoying her Lime Lite Bicycle.  She has been on the market for over a year and finally decided on this model.  Here is what she writes to me.

"This is what I say to my younger friends when I'm talking about my new bike:  I grew up in the generation that had no hand brakes or gears on their bicycles.  If we wanted to stop we just back peddled and if we were going up a hill we just stook up and peddled faster.  When I purchased my first "ten speed" , as an adult, I was always spending more time trying to find out what gear I was supposed to be in and never enjoyed the ride.  Maybe it's hard to "teach an old dog new tricks", but I'll tell you this "old dog's" new trick was to purchase a Lime Lite.  For the first time in my adult bike riding life I truly enjoy riding my bike because I am not preoccupied with th gears.  anyone intimidated with gears on a bike will love-love-love the Lime.

DSC00114 I came across a picture this weekend of Tom Hanks riding a bike around the movie studio where he is curently filming.  I don't know who supplied the bike or if he owns it. was a Lime Lite.  Birds of a feather, flock together...Go test drive one today, the Trek dealers are always happy to show their wares.

Come Ride With Me.

January 13, 2009

"Follow Up"

 Images[3] No problem or issues remain with Treading Water.  I learned to relax first by free floating on my back.  I relaxed further by using floating tubes / noodles and then treading water seemed much easier.  I want you all to know how much stronger I feel since I have been swimming.  This is a great compliment to our bicycle riding because we need to always be improving our skills on the riding. 

The mind is a powerful tool that can protect us but it can also limit us from experiencing new things.  We must keep an open mind and not let the stress and fear takeover the experience.  As I have now realized, this has plagued me in the past and now that I recognize the problem with the process, I can now correct it.  I'm anxious to apply this theory the  next time I am apprehensive about a more than challenging bike ride.

By the way it probably didn't hurt that I had a wonderful lesson in a beautiful environment.  How can you not help but relax in a pool that is heated to 84 degrees, swimming outside on a January evening when the daytime temperature was 80 and the pool was lit by a full moon.  Ahhh, Southern California.  All I need to do now is practice.

Come Ride With Me. 

January 9, 2009

"No Longer A Secret"

20090109075319412_0001 Well,,,here I am sitting in my office reflecting on the fact that soon, I will be turning 62 years of age.  Why am I reminding myself of this additional milestone?

I have been attending a lot of Aqua Fit classes as a form of rehab after my knee surgery. While the knee is doing well, I have come to accept that I will always need to be a mover, shaker and pedal in order to keep my body working for me.  It's just simply learning to manage the process, just like I do with my diabetes, daily diet/nutrition and every other limitation I seem to have running through my mind.

Last week I was attending some classes, (every instructor has a different style) and I was asked to Tread Water.  While I actually feel very strong about my performance in the class, I found another Achilles Heel:  I cannot tread water.  So,,,this weekend the Bicycle Guru Bruce is going to attempt to help me resolve that issue.    

They say relationships don't survive wallpapering, but I feel pretty good about a swim lesson.  I just have got to make up my mind that I can do this just like everything else I have set out to do.  I'll keep you posted. 

My message this time is that you are never too old to learn something new.  Isn't that great, gosh I don't want to give up the process now, it's much too fun.  By the way I need to get out and take more new pictures.  In the meantime I am enjoying some old photographs. 

Come Ride With Me.

January 5, 2009

"No Single Voice"

"From the Trek Website"20070806121527867_0007 Trek Women is not a single voice. It’s a community of voices united by a single passion: riding bikes. That’s why a little over a year ago we invited five Women Who Ride to share their stories by blogging their life, the things that matter to them, and of course, how a bicycle is interconnected to it all. Now it’s time to select five new Women Who Ride to represent the Trek Women community. As one of the Women Who Ride, you’ll have fun, you’ll inspire, and you’ll learn. And who knows, the life you change just might be your own.

Don't sit back and wait any longer.  You have until 1/24/09 to write your letter and enter to win.  Go to the Trek website today.  This was one of the best years of my life and I would like to see others like you all, to experience and learn what I have; not to mention, all the new friends and acquaintances I have discovered.

Come Ride With Me.

January 4, 2009

"Do You Still Do Sports?"

Goofy While having lunch with my grandsons, my youngest, Jack leaned forward to ask me, "Do you still do sports Grandmarie?"  I answered without hesitation, "Yes Jack I sure do."  I am mostly at the gym right now swimming and training about three or four days per week.

It just reminds me that during the Holidays and the cold weather, it is real easy to stay inside and think about the up and coming Spring weather just around the corner.  This is a good time to research new trails and progress of trails that were being refurbished last Autumn.

The Railroad Trail that I have been on many times and also reported about, has now been extended to make it a great ride.  I am planning to check that out in just a few weeks from now.  If anyone has a nice place that they have visited recently in Orange County or Los Angeles County, let me know.  I always like the new scenery.  

Come Ride With Me.