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January 9, 2009

"No Longer A Secret"

20090109075319412_0001 Well,,,here I am sitting in my office reflecting on the fact that soon, I will be turning 62 years of age.  Why am I reminding myself of this additional milestone?

I have been attending a lot of Aqua Fit classes as a form of rehab after my knee surgery. While the knee is doing well, I have come to accept that I will always need to be a mover, shaker and pedal in order to keep my body working for me.  It's just simply learning to manage the process, just like I do with my diabetes, daily diet/nutrition and every other limitation I seem to have running through my mind.

Last week I was attending some classes, (every instructor has a different style) and I was asked to Tread Water.  While I actually feel very strong about my performance in the class, I found another Achilles Heel:  I cannot tread water.  So,,,this weekend the Bicycle Guru Bruce is going to attempt to help me resolve that issue.    

They say relationships don't survive wallpapering, but I feel pretty good about a swim lesson.  I just have got to make up my mind that I can do this just like everything else I have set out to do.  I'll keep you posted. 

My message this time is that you are never too old to learn something new.  Isn't that great, gosh I don't want to give up the process now, it's much too fun.  By the way I need to get out and take more new pictures.  In the meantime I am enjoying some old photographs. 

Come Ride With Me.


Hi Marie!
Wasn't the energy of the ride fantastic!!
Ben Stiller was super funny,the artwork incredible and I learned that outside of Lance's amazing physical capabilities, the man is a wonderfully talented speaker. I think I am in love...oops I already have a husband,but, wasn't he so admiable?? He spoke with such passion about his efforts to build the foundation and create awareness about all types of cancer prevention and why he has chosen to ride again. Other than being quite chilly for us Californians (I am personally a little weather whimpy I'll admit-it was a magical night....500 of our closest friends riding on an iconic street(Sunset is normally super duper congested and the fact they actually rerouted traffic for us to ride(cool,...this was truly monumental) watching a coloful sunset and all of us wanting to be apart of this unique opportunity.
Sorry I didn't get a chance to meet you, (or at the Tour) Perhaps we will roll up together sometime soon!
.....Hope Rides Again....what a great shirt and a great cause! I will eventually take it off.

Posted by: Dawn Kinkade | Mar 9, 2009 12:46:13 PM

Thanks ladies for the nice comments. I must say we got ready to roll I had the biggest lump in my throat.
I felt such a presence of all my loved ones that have somewhat passed away from me. This is my reward, a full heart.

Posted by: Trek Sister Marie | Mar 9, 2009 11:03:54 PM

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