Trek Women
February 23, 2009

"Victories and Success"

28737687_fd88627814[1] Sunday February 22, 2009 was clearly a day of "Victories and Successes". AND... I was there.

Our Levi won the Tour of California!

Our Lance did a fabulous job on his "comeback" ride as well as raising the level of cancer awareness!

I had a great, one on one visit with Tori Broughton (Treks demo representative for the Western Region!

I ran into people that I have previously met through the Women Who Ride program, what a great surprise!

The LIVESTRONG booth raised plenty of money for cancer and also signed up new potential army members.  We were giving away these cool fans for the fans.  How fun!

I love meeting and talking with people about my passions and this day was perfect for interaction with so many wonderful people.  I have a renewed sense of spirit to start my week and once again I am convinced that this is what I am meant to do; touching people through my life experiences. 

Come Ride With Me. 

February 17, 2009

"I'm On The Lookout"

Bicycle%20Thief[1] "I'm on the lookout for the missing bikes and I hope I don't run into the Jerks that thought they could pull this off;  IDIOTS

Next weekend I will be working in the Livestrong booth at the Tour of California as it concludes in Rancho Bernardo / Escondido.  Anyone out there visiting for the day, I would love to meet you so please stop by.  This will be my second time attending the Tour of California and I am more prepared this time because I have a job assignment.   

I must note the wonderful bike riding I have watched this weekend and although the "pouring" rain is not my idea of a ride, I do enjoy watching from the sidelines how the professionals pull all this off.  I can now watch with a renewed sense of appreciation just from the limited experiences I have had. 

Come Ride With Me

February 12, 2009

"Measuring February"

You might have thought I was going to discuss my measurements, no way! 


Our life should not be measured by length, but rather in the joy we have experienced. 

I plan to seize the day,,,don't be left behind


February 9, 2009

"Take A Vow on the 14th"

Livestrong[1] I don't know about anyone else but I am trying something new.  If you live as long as I have, there is just about some sort of sad history with every month of the year.  As time passes on it seems I found myself saying.  Well, in January this horrible thing happened to me, then there was February, March, April, well you get the picture.   I am sick and tired of focusing on everything negative and I think it just keeps bringing more negative my way.  So I have a new plan, and it's never too late to devise one.

Since by way of burial, Valentines Day marks the day my late husband crossed over, I am now using this as a tribute to his positive personality.  From now on I am going to make something nice happen for me on all these dark days from out of my past.  I don't care if I find carrots on sale at the supermarket, I will try to remember the day for something positive.  If we all work together, this turn around could effect / touch all of us in a significant way. (six degrees of separation)

We have pouring rain here again today so I won't ride the bike, but I can find plenty of other things to raise my spirit.  Maybe I'll call a friend that needs a boost.  If  any of you have experienced this, let me know how you would turn your world around.

Come Ride With Me


February 5, 2009

"Let It Rain"

Images[3]Can you believe it's raining again in Southern California; I think it's our third day of rain this winter and I am worried about floating away.  I am anxious to get these old bones out and about on my bike in the sunshine, but in the meantime if I don't keep moving I'll be stuck on the couch forever.  So, as a recap for my week, I have participated in two Aqua Fit classes, one full hour each session, Belly Dance, again one full hour and Thursday was spent working on the recumbent bike for 30 minutes, a spin class and one more Aqua Fit session.  While I am out there, I might as well fit in everything I can.  I know my children are grown and have their own lives, and my husband has passed on,  but this is my obligation for myself today.  By the way, don't think my resting hours are spent resting.  I am constantly working on "lists", work at least 40 hours per week in a structured workplace environment, and spend every extra minute I can socializing. 

A year or so ago I was running and riding my bike.  Because I can no longer hit the pavement with the bottom of my feet, I had to find a substitute and that is the Aqua Fit combined with the bike.  Would I rather sit on my butt?  You bet,  but I have so much to lose if I go down that path; everything but weight..  

Please consider some small amount of exercise if you are not riding or moving at this point in time.  Try 10 minutes and see how good you feel about it.  Then write to me and let me know your thoughts about going down a new path.

Come Ride With Me