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February 9, 2009

"Take A Vow on the 14th"

Livestrong[1] I don't know about anyone else but I am trying something new.  If you live as long as I have, there is just about some sort of sad history with every month of the year.  As time passes on it seems I found myself saying.  Well, in January this horrible thing happened to me, then there was February, March, April, well you get the picture.   I am sick and tired of focusing on everything negative and I think it just keeps bringing more negative my way.  So I have a new plan, and it's never too late to devise one.

Since by way of burial, Valentines Day marks the day my late husband crossed over, I am now using this as a tribute to his positive personality.  From now on I am going to make something nice happen for me on all these dark days from out of my past.  I don't care if I find carrots on sale at the supermarket, I will try to remember the day for something positive.  If we all work together, this turn around could effect / touch all of us in a significant way. (six degrees of separation)

We have pouring rain here again today so I won't ride the bike, but I can find plenty of other things to raise my spirit.  Maybe I'll call a friend that needs a boost.  If  any of you have experienced this, let me know how you would turn your world around.

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Good on ya! Honestly, why pick the negatives? Here's a theory: it's too much optimism. If we were more negative then the positive experiences would shock and amaze us and we would never forget That Day The Bus Driver Waited For Us... Finishing That Project... alas, auspicious beginnings almost never unfold perfectly but we shouldn't let that tarnish the joy of remembering.

Posted by: siouxgeonz | Feb 10, 2009 12:59:16 PM

Remember what you did last year for Valentine's Day? If I'm not mistaken you rode further on a bike in one day than you ever have. Looks like you started your vow a year ago without even knowing! Have a great day however you choose to spend it.

Posted by: Tori | Feb 11, 2009 10:47:35 PM

Right on, Right on sista!

Posted by: Trek Sister Marie | Feb 12, 2009 9:12:33 AM

Marie, I have been popping in and out of your blogs. You are a super great women of wonderful strength and have a great attitude. I think when we have a huge change in our life we tend to mull over what the good, bad and indifferent things are. My dad past 6 yrs ago and it was really hard on me at first... Well mom too it took me a little while to think of how it probably effected mom more than me and I focused on my mom more at that point. My Son was very upset also. So to sum it up loss sucks, but our loved ones would like us to live our lives and remember them from time to time. Marie you are awesome and keep thinking positive!!!

Posted by: Barb Cloninger | Feb 16, 2009 10:44:17 PM

Thank you,
Sometimes I wonder about the thoughts I pass along, but then I receive an e-mail such as yours. I am happy that you appreciate my message.

Thanks again,

Posted by: Trek Sister Marie | Feb 17, 2009 12:06:20 PM

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