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March 5, 2009

"An Invitation"

Cayucos 153   I received an invitation last week from the Livestrong Foundation.  I am being invited to join a bike ride this Saturday evening that travels down Sunset Boulevard.  This is to kick off a campaign wherein 21 prominent artists will interpret and create a piece of art about the LiveStrong global fight against cancer and / or Lance's return to the bike.  All art pieces will be a part of a touring art show in cities like Venice, Paris and New York which will run through October, ending in an event on 10/2/09, where the pieces will be auctioned off with all proceeds coming to LAF.   

The event on March 7th will include Lance Armstrong (Trek Bicycles) and Doug Ulman (Livestrong Foundation President) visiting Childrens Hospital of Los Angeles and then a ride down Sunset Blvd. with 500 local cyclists.  The LAF volunteers have been given 100 spots for the event and that is were I come in.  We ride our bikes to the Montalban Theater where we will go inside and listen to Lance and Doug  present the campaign and take comments from the audience..   

I am so excited to be able to participate in this event and will share my experience with you next week.  I will ride my FX2 , as I think it's a prfect fit for the social evening.  Too bad I don't have one of the newer FX editions to show off for Trek.  The FX2 model will look real nice becuase it has been on my trainer for so long, I hope she remembers how to act in public.  We shall see. 

Come Ride With Me.


Aww man, here you are in my neck of the woods and it is invite only geez! Have fun Marie and take lots of pics!
By the way love the cold weather gear, it looks good!

Posted by: Danielle | Mar 6, 2009 8:41:45 AM

Well, I saw on that the night was a ton of fun, how was it?


Posted by: Danielle | Mar 9, 2009 3:36:46 PM

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