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March 30, 2009

"That Time of Year"

Armfarts2 Well, the birthday is over for another year and yes, once again we managed to get though the process.  I think as you get older the concept of the "UnBirthday" is a better idea.  (Do we all remember Through The Looking Glass?)  It all seems more special when celebrations don't take place on the actual day,  at least that is how I would like to think.  

I must say I received the great expression of love from each of my grandsons.  They both made me individual cards and they were quite proud to point out that each card was the recipient ot "62" brand new staples.  Yes, I said staples.  Thy were so proud of the glittery masterpieces that were certainly suitable for framing and I'm considering it.  

As a mother of two girls, I must say I enjoy two grandsons for all their innovations and inventions that they dream up.  The boys are very thoughtful and not the least bit intimidated about showing their affection for "Grand Marie.  Thank you also to my daughters and their husbands for helping me memember that age is just a number.

Thanks Will and Jack, Come Ride With Me.         


Hi Marie,
I'm not sure how much longer you'll be posting here and I wanted to send you a quick note to let you know how much I've enjoyed your blog before it was too late. I found this site about a year ago when I was googling Trek bicycles to buy and quickly became a fan of all the Trek women. I really relate to you though. We have some things in common. When someone says that to you you can probably guess what it is. When I first went back to read your earlier posts to find out what the promise was that you made to your husband about your lifestyle and why you made it I had this wierd inkling about what I was going to find. I also lost my husband to Melanoma. He died in 2008 on February 14th so we also have the Valentine's day connection (the day you buried your husband). Your post today reminded me that we also celebrate our birthdays in March. I turned 50 on March 19th.

With all that said I want you to know that I'm a huge fan of your perseverance and your attitude about life. I love that you're so involved with the Lance Armstrong events and I keep expecting Lance to meet up with you and your grandsons and thank you for supporting him and his cause. Thanks for sharing your blog.

(I'm thinking about signing up for the local MS150 ride in June and I'm nervous about riding 150 miles in two days but hey, it's good to push yourself outside of your comfort zone right? And just think of all the fun people I will meet. That's what I think you would tell me.)

If you're ever in Minnesota - come ride with me.

Thanks Marie!

Diane Conroy

Posted by: Diane Conroy | Mar 31, 2009 11:46:52 AM

Than you so much Diane. I am hoping that we will still have a place on the Tek website, but not sure as of yet. The reason I wanted to participate in this program was to inspire others as well as getting back inspiration from the readers.
It's amazing our parallel our lives run and it comforts me to know other women are fighting and winning their battles too.
Please continue to keep me posted on your challenges and victories. You have made my day. Best regards, Marie

Posted by: Trek Sister Marie | Apr 6, 2009 2:00:05 PM

You can always blog :D

Posted by: siouxgeonz | Apr 9, 2009 10:18:00 AM

Hi Marie: I am one of the newbies, I tried writting you last week but since I am also NEW to blogging (or will be) I don't think it was posted to you! Oh well, here I go again. Congratulations on the strides you have made - I am just getting to reading some of the previous blogs. I so relate to you (a little older, but not wiser); have been touched by melanoma numerous times - husband, mother, grandfather, several close friends; started to bike later in my career, there are so many more connections - oh, yes, how can I forget WWR!! I wish I could actually talk to you some time, but for now, I'll say Best Wishes for the next chapter through this blog. I hope it is a fun ride! I'd come ride with you, anytime. Best wishes, Mary

Posted by: Mary Strupp | Apr 18, 2009 2:17:36 PM

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