Trek Women

Marie Westrope

Name:Marie Westrope
Hometown:La Habra
Occupation:Office Manager
Favorite Meal:Any dinner out with friends

What is the most interesting thing you have seen while on your bike?

Other riders: all ages, all nationalities, all different types of bicycles. I think about why they are riding and what must be motivating them.

Where you grew up:

Whittier, California

What is the best part about living in La Habra, California?

Whittier and La Habra are just a few miles apart. Whittier, originally a Quaker town and the Quaker families were still riding around in horse drawn buggies back then. People never locked their doors and it was a safe place to live. I still run into people that I went to school with or that lived in the neighborhood.

Favorite Meal:

Any dinner with a friend.

When you are not on your bike, what are you doing?

I am always involved in activity and try to be outside as much as possible.

Otherwise: at the gym with my workout partner, fooling around with my grandsons, or walking my Golden Retriever.

Most admirable women – famous or not:

My two daughters, they took charge of their own educations, chose individual careers and fashioned beautiful lives for themselves. They are my Best Friends, Forever.

Favorite memory on your bike:

I have to say on my 60th birthday when my friend delivered my new bike. I jumped on and felt like I was 10 years old again. I was riding so fast down the street I had tears in my eyes. I don’t know if it was caused from the dusty road or sheer joy. For whatever reason that day I thought about when I was very young there was a neighborhood “Bull”-y Dog that would chase us down the street when we rode. He did catch me once. But he wouldn’t have caught me that day.

If your bike could talk, what would it tell you?

“I promise to treat you well, keep you safe, make you look good and always be there whenever you want me. Just keep the light on for me so I’m not lonely until I can be with you again.”

Who or what motivates you?

After I finished my first 5K race, I was so excited and couldn’t believe I accomplished my mission. A good friend of mine said to me “Just wait and see what you will accomplish by next year, and the year after that. My motivation is to stay in good health so I can continue to uncover many new adventures.

If you could choose three superpowers, what would they be and why?

Of course this would only be a fantasy but I would pick the following:

Invulnerability /Accelerated Healing: To be immune to physical damage or injury and to reverse damage brought about to others, by others.

Weather Manipulation: To stabilize our environment and control Global Warming for future generations

Time Travel: As long as I have the two powers above to protect me