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October 30, 2008

I'm Back, I'm not lost

OK,  Maybe it's progress, maybe it old age, maybe it's technology, who cares.  I'm back up and running.  

Stick with me while I get some stories posted.

Come Ride With Me

October 20, 2008

Ready, Get Set, Go!

Cayucos_138 I am working very hard on rehab with my knee and that includes starting back to work last week on a full time schedule, so something had to slip by the wayside and it was my communication with you all.  I am back now and things are evolving so you will start seeing some changes over the next few months.

First of all we have been meeting with Trek and they are working dilligently on gearing up the next Women Who Ride Contest.  We do not have dates as of yet so you need to stay close to your computers and the updates on this project.   As I understand, all submittals will be done through the web site.  We will be reading the entries and soon you will be meeting a new set of "girlies" that will have new stories to tell.  I will still be submitting blogs on a weekly basis that will probably be located somewhere within the Women Who Ride link.  More information will be coming along soon when the details are all ironed out. 

I am hoping you will all still want to read my blog.  I think part of why I chose to continue for a while on this level is because I am hoping you are inspired and for whatever reason you find my stories interesting; it will continue to motivate you as I also try to motivate myself.  Besides I just fit into an older age group that needs to feel that they belong somewhere too.  Sooooo, if you think the Women Who Ride Program is something you might be interested in, start getting your thoughts together so when the flood gates open you will be ready to go with your submittal.  Just remember, it's a big commitment and a lot of work, but one of the most rewarding adventures you will ever experience.

Come Ride With Me.

October 8, 2008

"Gearing Up"

Bike_riding_171 The countdown has begun and I am gearing up for the first day back to work.  Next week at this time I will be back to work and trying to get back in the swing of things.  I'm not ready for retirement yet and this injury has given me a preview of what that might be like. 

Retirement is great if you can afford it, and then there is the little detail of time and health.  Before I make any plans to retire, I need to have a new schedule to step into that would include helping others, health and fitness.  That being said, I need to make every effort to continue my rehab, my new love of the swimming pool, and slowly start taking little "cruzin" rides on my bike.  This has been another journey in patience for me and along the way I am still learning things about myself and what I can still accomplish.  So, for the most part, this will be the end of the story of the knee surgery.   

By the way here is a picture of me with my bright pink bike on the SAG vehicle at the San Jose LA Challenge.  After I got clipped from behind and re-twisted my knee, every revolution after that just became more and more painful, and I had to throw in the towel.  Actually at the first aid tent they gave me a new towel as a keepsake.  It was still a victory to participate, and I did a good job. and I still managed a smile although you cannot see the lump in my throat or on my knee.  I kind of think that the bicycle sitting there on top of the van reminds me of a tiara.  At the very least, it is  a very nice bike, previously owned at that.

Come Ride With Me Soon

September 11, 2008


Bike_riding_151 When I traveled to Clovis California to visit my friend Adrew Scherf in July, Andrew and his wife took me to his company property to see something very special.   "Pelco", the largest security camera manufacturer in the United States, has developed and created a permanent memorial and museum in memory of the victims of September 11, 2001.  The Dedication Ceremony included over one thousand New York City Firefighters, NYPD Officers, and Port Authority Police Officers who traveled across the country to take part.  ABC TV covered the broadcast across the country via satellite.  Four hundred and three empty chairs, each with a nameplate and single yellow rose sat silently in honor of the fallen heroes. 

Each year, Pelco and the community come together to honor the brave men and women who sacrificed so much in 2001 with an annual September 11 Observance.  A touching tribute that was  made more sincere by deeding the land that is the memorial setting, to the City of New York.   

Take a moment today to be grateful that we can ride our bikes, talke a long walk with our families, and hike our beautiful paths in a free America.  Thank you Andrew for sharing this special place with me.

We must never forget.

August 20, 2008

"Is A Scolding Due?"

Scolding_2 Well, yet another discovery.  Since I have started my story, I must admit that I have used Google to look for many images and ideas.  So, sometimes on occasion  I'm mindlessly throwing in names or whatever and click on "Search Images".  So I was screwing around today and OMG, all  kinds of images started appearing on Google.  My grandchildren, my children, my friends,family, even the Bicycle Guru. You are all linked in some way to my Women Who Ride Blog.

I have always been very careful to request permission from everyone before I post pictures on my blog, especially the pictures of the children.  Needless to say a sense of panic came over me when I discovered what has taken place.  So, I am formally apologizing.  If however you have endless amounts of time to spare and you are kind of in a silly mood, plug in your name or my nickname for you and see what comes up.  (You must also click on images).    

It's all a learning experience, and it sure is fun.  I hope you are all OK with this.

I'm going to pull out the Mountain Bike this weekend.  Now that the summer activities are finished I want to spend the next few months with the "Little Boy Twin".  It's coming up on a great time of year to explore.    I myself need to see the progress on my local bike path that has been under construction.  It seems to have grown about three more miles.

Come Ride With Me

August 18, 2008

"Employees and Fitness"

Dscn1477 Some months back I wrote about a bike ride I shared with a nursing student.  The point I was making on my journal was that more nurses and doctors need to set a better example about living a healthy life. 

When I was traveling last month, I met a very impressive young man by the name of Andrew Gallardo.  "Andy" is the Program Manager for Employee Fitness at Kaiser Permanente here in Southern California.  This is an impressive website and I hope you take a look.  Get Fit So Cal  is bringing visibility to this very topic of fit doctors and nurses.  When we introduced ourselves to each other I immediately knew that I had to sit down with him to discuss what he is doing.   Andy has an impressive management background but here is what I noticed.  He is a loving husband, daddy of two boys, dedicated to cancer awareness and a cancer survivor.  Now I try not to define people by what they have endured and what I have told you about him only scratches the surface; and all that takes care of itself on a day to day basis.  The point I am trying to drive home is... as full as his plate is,,, he is always thinking about what he can do to help others.  My message for today, there is always time to find someone who needs a few minutes of your time.  Make the time to help and somehow your life will become easier for you too.

I can't wait until Andy sends me a picture of the family on their bicycles.  They all have TREK's.  You will hear more about Andy in future posts as well as my other new friends. 

Come Ride With Me.

August 11, 2008

"Benefits of Old Friends"

Look at what someone sent to me; I was featured in the "Seniors World Chronical".  Sorry to my Trek Sisters who were included in the picture, but that is the benefit of having a senior friend.  This senior thing doesn't bother me a bit, because I have at least 40 more years to go.  I just have to keep moving.    "Digest of News and Reports On Seniors"

USA: Five Real Women Who Ride Inspire Outdoors Lovers 

MILWAUKEE, Wisconsin based Trek Bicycle Corporation has a website which features WOMEN WHO RIDE (See Photo).

"Let us introduce you to five women who ride. These women share their stories and capture our hearts." Of course they ride for the love of it, but more importantly, they ride for opportunities cycling offers. Their stories put a smile on your face and a tear in your eyes. They are Trek Women: Jen, Stephanie, Marie, Susan and Laura. Each of them blogs on Adventures, Outdoors, Life, and provide the backdrop to TREK's message of Positive Living.

MARIE WESTROPE is 61 years old and very proud of each and every one of those years. As a mother, a daughter, a sister and a caregiver, Marie has recently entered a new chapter in her life as a widow with a very large promise to live out for her loved one. She captures our attention with her calm and positive personality. Tackling a new sport and lifestyle at 61 years of age, Marie has broken down more barriers than most 38 year olds. Her story of achievement is impressive and inspirational.
August 5, 2008

"Henrike Hirsch"

Austin2008treksmall I received this e-mail from another girl that I met in Ohio.  Henrike came all the way from Germany and this is not the first trip she has made to the states. 

"Hi Marie, I'm so glad we got to meet.  You're a true inspiration and I really love your blog!  You told me to send you the pictures of me on the Madone for last year's challenge and a few personal details.  I wasn't sure what to write, but I do have an article about my personal story and efforts that I wrote for my college a few weeks ago.  Hope we'll stay in touch, All the best, Henrike."

This gal is another inspiration as a "Survivor out riding a bicycle", and guess what, because she traveled all the way from Germany and had no bike, she was on a bicycle that was loaned to her through the Trek demo girls at the event. How great is that and I thought the folks at Trek would like to connect by putting a name to the face of someone who demoed their bike. 

Just like my other new friends, I will submit more stories about these "other" women who ride bikes so they can also serve as a source of inspiration.  After all, this helps to connect us all together.  I'm so lucky.

Come Ride With Me.

July 30, 2008

"This Is My Tattoo"

Dscn1476_2 As I mentioned before, the "Summit" was quite an emotional experience.  Every time we were asked to share our experiences, it seemed to either bring us to tears or we were holding back so hard that it really zapped us.  While at lunch one day, I was feeling pretty low and a young girl came up to me, introduced herself and said, "Marie, I read your blog".  I immediately shifted into overdrive as if I had just downed my favorite Quad, Venti, Skinny, Vanilla Latte.  "Oh my gosh, really, you do; oh my gosh." 

This is Tabitha, she lives in Oklahoma and rode her bike in one of the LA Challenges.  She explained that she related to me because of my learning experiences.  We discussed why I write the way I do, and why I pick my topics and she loves all of them.  Here is something really sweet, she told me that when Molly Dog died, her Dad was reading the blog because he just lost his dog.  Here was this darling young woman standing there, we had chatted for about 5 minutes and we were hugging like relatives.  We had an instant connection that gave me such a burst of energy that I was good to go for the rest of the week.  She will be sending me pictures of her bike, keep me updated on her fun challenges and we will stay in touch through the blog and on our own.

Here is how she fits into the "Clues".  She raised her arm and said, "Here is MY tattoo, I just got it last night."  They were yellow shooting stars in honor of the LIVESTRONG Summit.  Good thing I wasn't with her or I probably would have gotten one too.  This was one of my best days ever; to connect with a stranger, and be appreciated for the work I am trying to accomplish.

Come Ride With Me.

July 23, 2008

"Where's Waldo?"

Whereswaldo_cakespy_6401_2I am leaving early, early in the morning for Ohio State University to attend the Lance Armstrong Cancer Summit.   I will be armed with business cards and ride guides on my quest to find the Bicycle Riders.  I have been checking out the information web site where I have found tons of different interest groups that will be attending.  I know I will be busy spending time in break-out groups designed to train us along our path of advocacy, but our evenings are fairly free to Explore.  I'm going to meet a ton of new people.

All this being said, here I am, one more time, setting off to a new place on my path to satisfy my curiosity about what's out there as an off shoot to "The Bicycle"  This is a very exciting time right now for the bicycle industry and I am lucky to pop in right in the middle of it all.   

I can tell you that it will take the best part of the day to travel to Ohio and if I can get there in time, barring any hurricane Dolly delays, I will be sitting in on a town meeting to listen to one of the Presidential Candidates speak to our group. Wish me luck. I'll have my lap top to check in and journal my discoveries.  Then I am off to another business meeting that will take me to another colorful area.  I'm beginning to feel like I am playing "Where's Waldo?"

Come Ride With Me.