Trek Women
March 30, 2009

"That Time of Year"

Armfarts2 Well, the birthday is over for another year and yes, once again we managed to get though the process.  I think as you get older the concept of the "UnBirthday" is a better idea.  (Do we all remember Through The Looking Glass?)  It all seems more special when celebrations don't take place on the actual day,  at least that is how I would like to think.  

I must say I received the great expression of love from each of my grandsons.  They both made me individual cards and they were quite proud to point out that each card was the recipient ot "62" brand new staples.  Yes, I said staples.  Thy were so proud of the glittery masterpieces that were certainly suitable for framing and I'm considering it.  

As a mother of two girls, I must say I enjoy two grandsons for all their innovations and inventions that they dream up.  The boys are very thoughtful and not the least bit intimidated about showing their affection for "Grand Marie.  Thank you also to my daughters and their husbands for helping me memember that age is just a number.

Thanks Will and Jack, Come Ride With Me.         

March 9, 2009

"I'm Very Fortunate"

N6195089915_1387303_8313906[1] I want you all to know how much I appreciate my life these days.  I am connected with truly wonderful people in my life that includes my family and my extended family.  I am often repeating a familiar phrase"You have your family you are born into and the family you create for yourself."  If you are lucky they will all share it with you, and that happens with me on a regular basis.  I am one lucky lady to enjoy a great relationship with everyone in my  "family" and hope that the dynamic lasts forever.  Now I belong to another family that is composed of two entities, Trek and LiveStrong.  These two groups of fine, fine people have provided me with a new direction to my life and I couldn't be prouder for the work we are all doing to promote a cure for Cancer.

Saturday night I had the privledge to ride my bike down Sunset Boulevard.  It was blocked off for one reason, to deliver a message that Hope Rides Again.  It's not easy for me to find my way to these events and participate somewhat by myself, but I dig down deep and muster my courage believing that it's the least I can do for those that cannot help themselves.  I walked my bike down Sunset in order to get to the starting gate.  I didn't know how to use the Metro Link so I did what I do well,  "Walk".  Once I get to where I need to be, I have learned to chat with people and make myself feel comfortable in my surroundings.  The only reason I am addressing this issue is because it would be good for all of us to experience a little discomfort as a way to reach out to others.  This is the mural that was painted on the side of the Montalban Theater, recognize the artwork?  The artist is Shepard Fairey.  Of recent note, he created the Hope poster of Barack Obama.  It was a beautiful night to listen to Lance speak of why he is returning to the bike.  He is a great young man that will help us all accomplish great things.  As someone who has been fortunate to hear him speak on several occasions, this thought is always on his mind... The LivesStrong message belongs to all of us and he will tell you that his name is not as important as all the volunteers that are responsible for growing this cause.  Give it some thought, we are being handed an opportunity to make a difference.

Thank you Trek and Thank you LiveStrong.

Come Ride With Me.    

March 5, 2009

"An Invitation"

Cayucos 153   I received an invitation last week from the Livestrong Foundation.  I am being invited to join a bike ride this Saturday evening that travels down Sunset Boulevard.  This is to kick off a campaign wherein 21 prominent artists will interpret and create a piece of art about the LiveStrong global fight against cancer and / or Lance's return to the bike.  All art pieces will be a part of a touring art show in cities like Venice, Paris and New York which will run through October, ending in an event on 10/2/09, where the pieces will be auctioned off with all proceeds coming to LAF.   

The event on March 7th will include Lance Armstrong (Trek Bicycles) and Doug Ulman (Livestrong Foundation President) visiting Childrens Hospital of Los Angeles and then a ride down Sunset Blvd. with 500 local cyclists.  The LAF volunteers have been given 100 spots for the event and that is were I come in.  We ride our bikes to the Montalban Theater where we will go inside and listen to Lance and Doug  present the campaign and take comments from the audience..   

I am so excited to be able to participate in this event and will share my experience with you next week.  I will ride my FX2 , as I think it's a prfect fit for the social evening.  Too bad I don't have one of the newer FX editions to show off for Trek.  The FX2 model will look real nice becuase it has been on my trainer for so long, I hope she remembers how to act in public.  We shall see. 

Come Ride With Me.

February 17, 2009

"I'm On The Lookout"

Bicycle%20Thief[1] "I'm on the lookout for the missing bikes and I hope I don't run into the Jerks that thought they could pull this off;  IDIOTS

Next weekend I will be working in the Livestrong booth at the Tour of California as it concludes in Rancho Bernardo / Escondido.  Anyone out there visiting for the day, I would love to meet you so please stop by.  This will be my second time attending the Tour of California and I am more prepared this time because I have a job assignment.   

I must note the wonderful bike riding I have watched this weekend and although the "pouring" rain is not my idea of a ride, I do enjoy watching from the sidelines how the professionals pull all this off.  I can now watch with a renewed sense of appreciation just from the limited experiences I have had. 

Come Ride With Me

January 5, 2009

"No Single Voice"

"From the Trek Website"20070806121527867_0007 Trek Women is not a single voice. It’s a community of voices united by a single passion: riding bikes. That’s why a little over a year ago we invited five Women Who Ride to share their stories by blogging their life, the things that matter to them, and of course, how a bicycle is interconnected to it all. Now it’s time to select five new Women Who Ride to represent the Trek Women community. As one of the Women Who Ride, you’ll have fun, you’ll inspire, and you’ll learn. And who knows, the life you change just might be your own.

Don't sit back and wait any longer.  You have until 1/24/09 to write your letter and enter to win.  Go to the Trek website today.  This was one of the best years of my life and I would like to see others like you all, to experience and learn what I have; not to mention, all the new friends and acquaintances I have discovered.

Come Ride With Me.

January 4, 2009

"Do You Still Do Sports?"

Goofy While having lunch with my grandsons, my youngest, Jack leaned forward to ask me, "Do you still do sports Grandmarie?"  I answered without hesitation, "Yes Jack I sure do."  I am mostly at the gym right now swimming and training about three or four days per week.

It just reminds me that during the Holidays and the cold weather, it is real easy to stay inside and think about the up and coming Spring weather just around the corner.  This is a good time to research new trails and progress of trails that were being refurbished last Autumn.

The Railroad Trail that I have been on many times and also reported about, has now been extended to make it a great ride.  I am planning to check that out in just a few weeks from now.  If anyone has a nice place that they have visited recently in Orange County or Los Angeles County, let me know.  I always like the new scenery.  

Come Ride With Me. 


December 19, 2008


Alaine on the bike 009 It was 39 degrees this morning and for us in Southern California, that is very "Nippy".  I might need a woolen mask to wear while riding my bike, but wait, maybe the cold air is just what I need to firm up the skin on my face: (Chuckles)  I'll take any hints.

So the members of my immediate family are all busy wrapping up last minute details before the Christmas Holiday arrives.  My sister is in town and wehave plans to go out visiting.  She was going to ride her bike today while I was at work so I hope I can make it home before darkness arrives and catch a snapshot of her for today's blog.  As for me I am off to the pool for my swimming rehab then back home to make a teat for "Snack Day" at work tomorrow.  

Hope you are all happy and well as the end of the year arrives.  Remember not to put too many expectations on yourself or the holidays; just enjoy them for what they were meant to be.  None of us are perfect so "Relax".

Come Ride with Me

September 18, 2008

"Humpty Dumpty"

Images85 It's difficult to say what motivates people.  We all have different things that we tune into that either make us happy or sometimes it is what makes someone else happy that motivates us.  When I was running and learning to ride a bike I was motivated by good health and I didn't want to be perceived as the "Wimp".  Not only did I want people to know that I could take care of myself, but I was hoping it would be contagious and I could bring others along on my journey.  That being said I accomplished a few races and brought home my symbolic medals.  Along the way I hurt my knee and thought I could lay off any workouts for two or three weeks in order to bring it back to original condition.    Actually, the only time that it wasn't hurting was when I wasn't using it.  Couple this with a workplace that required a dozen trips up and down the stairs everyday, I was losing my battle.

I started Ultra Sound therapy and thought I now had the real solution.  As I made my way through the year with my various challenges, I always came off the ride hurting, then resting, then building back up.  Most of the time I wasn't talking too much about my plague because I felt people would perceive it as a convenient excuse why I never did too well or ever seemed to get much stronger.  Don't get me wrong, I was really getting good at interval training, on my Saris Trainer, but when I got out on the road, there were always so many hills and they were killing me.  I did learn that I could participate on the bicycle but that running was all but futile.

What did I learn along they way?  That these injuries just don't get better by themselves.  All the positive "Vibrations" will not put Humpty Dumpty back together again.  AND the injury just keeps getting worse.    I still wasn't ready to make a decision, I wanted to ride in the LA Challenge.

Come Ride With Me (at your own risk)         

September 17, 2008

"The Plague"

Images81 You have probably all heard me refer to my bum knee one time or another in the course of the past few months.     Part of my mini vacation retreat was to decide what I wanted to do about the nagging problem I will now call the "Plague".  While the actual injury is not the issue, I thought I would write a series of articles to give you some sincere retrospect about why I made the decision to go forward with the the whole repair process.  Let me just say right now that I am glad that I participated in all the bicycle events and activities during the year because I might be entering a new phase of a gentler type of bicycling in the future.  The reason I think this is all important to me is because...

  1. I'm not yet done with my bicycle career, that's why they call it a career.
  2. I wasn't about to use this as an excuse to become a couch potato
  3. I didn't want to be left out of the Trek program, "Women Who Ride"
  4. I felt I still had information to contribute
  5. I couldn't afford to stop exercising
  6. The older I get the more I need to keep moving.
  7. There are many more experiences and stories to find to write about.
  8. I now fit into the Biggest demographic of bicycle riders out there in two wheeler land, "Casual"

Stay tuned as I formulate this experience for you all to read.  I have never felt badly about sharing my learning experience with all of you.  It doesn't make me feel inferior at all, on the contrary It makes me feel like I am doing someone a service.   Wait until you hear some of my most embarrasing moments.  Thanks for hanging in there with me.

Come Ride With Me.    

August 12, 2008

The Other Olympics

Dscn1493 If I was a better photog, my picture of Will would not be so dark but anyway; Saturday and Sunday my grandson Will, "my bicycle riding buddy", was being featured in his own Olympics of sort.  It was the County Swim Meet for all the local cities in the area.  Will, who is now 7 years old, did such a good job grabbing a 2nd and 3rd place in his events.  I was so pleased that he called me on his own and ask that I come to watch him swim.   I think my grandchildren are always quick to call me because they know that I am a great "Cheerleader".  I cherish all their accomplishments and live out the events vicariously through them.

Here was my Ahhhh Moment.... and it was quite significant to me.  With all my challenges that I have experienced this summer, it seemed that every time I faced a hill, or whatever, I would be so scared beyond words, and could do nothing but just take a giant leap forward, swallowed hard and just jumped ahead.  As I stood at the end of this Olympic pool, ready to take my photos and saw sweet little Will standing at the other end on the starting block, I had an Epiphany.  I was thinking he never had a chance to swim in a pool this big before.  I know what he must be feeling, because it's such a long was to the other end.   The buzzer went off and before I had a chance to blink, he was in the water and sailing with his "Free Style" as fast as lighting. (it seemed)  He wasn't afraid, this little guy has always had so much confidence and that has been instilled my his parents.  He has tried many sports, many of which he enjoyed more than others.  He has been brought up with the mindset that you give everything a try.  He has inspired me.  I can't wait to tell him that.  He tries, he gives it his best and at the end of the day he feels good about the experience.  Let me just say one more thing.  Will loves the "gear" whatever the sport, and I think he gets that from me and I got that from my Dad.  It gives us just one more thing in common.

Come Ride With Me.