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December 9, 2008

"Reunion Follow-up"

 Holiday Party 024 All went well with my party planning and I reunited with many friends that I see once a year.  I was catching up with my friend Laurie that visits with her husband John every year from Louisiana.

 She participated again this year in a Triathlon relay team and still does her swimming several times a week.  We discussed how difficult it is to get out and train and exercise about 4 times a week especially this time of year when there are so many demands on our time.  There was also talk and an invitation for me to come to Louisiana to participate in a relay "Tri" with her and her friends.  I doubt if that will happen but we never say no to any good opportunity.  I wanted you to know that we also discussed how grateful we both are that we can be having a discussion about how we are still participating in active sports.  It's never too late to try something new and although I have preached this in the past, reminders and encouragement are always beneficial to me as well as you.

I think we need to throw a challenge out there that can be accomplished before the end of the year.  I'm not necessarily referring to a "record breaker".  Just remember to take a longer walk or ride your bike to a new destination.  It's a way to finish the year before we start thinking about new goals.

Come Ride With Me. 

September 30, 2008

"Something Every Day"

Bike_riding_065 I have been working very hard doing some form of "Knee" Re-hab every day.  I am in the pool 5 days a week, Physical Therapy 2 days, and trying to be on my bicycle trainer every day for a few minutes.  Yes, I get very tired and I am also fighting back a rather fragile state of mind.  Today I am on the phone with my health insurance company trying to sort out bills and at any given time I feel pretty overwhelmed with the entire process. 

My mission today is trying to just get through one thing at a time.  I must do this, get better and stronger so I can get back to where I was.  Life is always going to hand us setbacks and not only do we have to be patient and work through them, but come away with a lesson learned.  In my case I must learn that this is a message to honor good health, respect and nurture the process every day.  As I get older I want to be that lady that is active, happy and thriving. 

I want to take this time to thank my friends and family that have been so supportive.  As much as I hate to ever ask for help, they have been there for me and when your life relationships are in a good place, we can manage to get through everything else.  What's next; I am trying to get through the week, get in another 5 days in the pool and maybe feel good enough to get out and visit this weekend.  It's so important to stay connected to keep our spirits up.

Come Ride With Me.   


August 28, 2008

"The Retreat"

Dscn1451_2 Later this week, I am going to be on a Retreat of sorts.  I am telling you this ahead of time because if I come up missing on my blog for a few days, I don't want anyone to worry.  Here is the thing, I have come so far in the past few years that all of a sudden, I ran out of goals.  It was time to make an important decision; I am taking these few days to make Marie a better person. 

I have big plans to kind of recharge and re enter my adventures with a new fresh spirit.  You know what is exciting? I have no idea how that will happen but I feel that when you are open to all of life, it will be brought forth as a gift.  I can't wait to see it all evolve. 

I have been "Religiously Regular" with my postings for the past year and  have worked really hard traveling all over to learn new things and create adventures that I can share with all of you.

"Let the work I have done speak for me"  See you in a few days.


July 21, 2008

"Class Reunion"

Bike_riding_187 Because I have not heard the results of my MRI yet, and in an effort to indulge my doctor just a little, I am taking a Mini Break from riding this weekend and spending my time with friends to catch up and take my mind off the waiting period.  It's funny because I have become one of those people that begins to get grouchy when they cannot ride or exercise.  I am tired of nursing this knee to no avail and so I am "antsy" about getting an answer as to how we can make it better.  ANYWAY... I went to an informal class reunion of about 100+ guests this weekend, and I was surprised how many people approached me about my bicycle riding.  I can thank part of that to my friend Maria who I featured a few months ago about her softball skills.  She is a great communicator and helps to pass around the healthy Mantra. People approached me to discuss how great bicycle riding can be for all of us.  Because of the passing years, many are starting new solo lives and they wanted to discuss how to start again and get involved in new healthy activities.   

We are very lucky in our community of friends to have kept a good connection all these "43" years.  It does take work  and a good team to make these get togethers happen but at the end of the day, we all come away with a feeling of an extended family that will always keep in touch.  By the way we missed the friends that couldn't make it but we will get together soon.  Next on the clipboard, we are beginning to plan a reunion cruise and many fun meetings that it takes to make that happen.  Just a note:  Thank heavens for the Internet and computers.  The one reason we have been so successful with staying in touch.

Come Ride With Me.

June 17, 2008

The Real Winner

Rhonda Here is "Rhonda" from San Diego California. the winner of the Trek Bicycle drawing at the Danskin Triathlon held in Anaheim this weekend.  Receiving her winning information from my relay team member and Danskin organizer for Trek Bicycles; Lindsay Bradley.

Rhonda is such a deserving winner.  She was telling us that she is a breast cancer survivor for 10 years.  She trained and trained to enter last year but was too ill at the last minute.  This year she was ready to "Tri" again, and guess what, she was on a borrowed bicycle because she did not own one.  Well now she does, and I hope to see her again next year if not before, perhaps in San Diego this weekend where there will be a WSD Trek demo visit in her home town.  By the way, I did tell Rhonda that I wanted to feature her in my journal and I hope she likes the picture because its a great way to remember the moment.  Aren't these girls just the best and perfect examples of the Women Who Ride.  Fabulous, both of them.   

So I am on my way to San Diego this weekend to attend the WWR Demo.  Let me know if you want to go along for a visit with our friends "down there", as we say in the long state of California.

Come Ride With Me

June 9, 2008

"Tri vs. Trying"

Danskin_bike_start168103418_std1 Coming up this week I will be attending the Danskin Triathlon on Saturday and Sunday.  This year the venue is held at California Adventure inside Disneyland Park here in Anaheim, California.  How fun is this, I can commute to a major event and it's only about 12 miles from from home.  Gosh, sometimes I drive further than that just to take a bike ride.  I will be participating in the Relay with Annalisa Hughes, my youngest daughter who will be doing the running, Lindsay Bradley, who manages the Danskin Tour for Trek is our swimmer, and I will do the bicycle leg.  I have more to learn here and I thought the Relay would be a perfect way to become acquainted with the Tri.   Annie and I already have a commitment from my daughter Gina to participate next year.  Her health is improving every day and she has next year on her radar as a goal for herself. 

I am learning to look at things from the full "glass" perspective these days, and although I am not doing the complete Tri, I am out there "Trying", by participating and learning and both Annalisa and I are looking forward to the new experience.  This is certainly different from any other organized race we have ever participated in.   It will also give me more to discuss with my Trek sisters, the next time we all meet together.   

This weekend I rode my bike for 90 minutes came home, got on the trainer and did my interval training.   A little bit different for a workout but this is part of my fitness plan.  I am so glad I have the CycleOps all set up and ready to go, so I can mix up my training.  This week I need to get in some good workouts early in the week, and then stop by the bike shop before Saturday to have them look over my "Little Girl Twin" to make sure she is in good shape for Saturday. 

Come Ride With Me

May 15, 2008

"Da Nile"

Images67 During the week when I am busy with work and the day to day issues, I like to take you along with me even when it is not on a bicycle.  I want to help convince you that for most issues that step in front of us, we can pass them by and still manage to do some sort of exercise.  It will help you learn and want to do more to keep yourself healthy.  This week I have been giving a lot of attention to health matters, most of which are mine.  This is really all very personal stuff I share but I do feel that I am no different that anyone else and I want you to connect with me as the average woman out there in Bike land.

"Good thing I don't like donuts."  Diabetes is tough work and since I am in this rebuild mode, I might as well visit this too.  I am not a hypochondriac in any sense of the word.  What I do want to point out is that this is all human, natural stuff that shows up at different times of your life.  There will always be something to deal with. 

My daughter Gina and I have promised to support each other with our Diabetes Management, and while again this is a very personal issue to share with you, I want everyone to know that this too can be managed even though it will never go away.  We can enjoy our health and a bicycle lifestyle.  Diabetes is 98% self managed and if you don't take responsibility for it, it will kick you in the butt for the rest of your life with heart disease and kidney problems to say the least. That doesn't mean you can't enjoy an active lifestyle; in fact it will help you in the long run.

I got the results today of my A1c Hemoglobin, and it was right on the mark.  I was resisting this test because I didn't ' think I had done the job.  My RN support told me that because of my cycling and healthy eating choices that my test was excellent and if there was one thing that you can do to help this process, it is the exercise.  Now that I am sure I'm headed in the right direction, maybe I can start to safely take off a few pounds. So, don't let anything stop you from doing what you want and need to do.  Next test, the old Mamogram; how am I going to report on that one?  :- ) stay tuned.

Happy Birthday Annalisa, May 16, 1971, Love Mom   

April 16, 2008

"We found Christy"

Img_72891 I received a long letter today from Christy.  If you recall we featured her as a guest with an interest in bicycling.  Here is what happened.  Her husband got a great job offer and they moved from her lifelong home in Colorado to North Bend Washington.  What a change don't you think?  I told her that it will be a great experience for her and to enjoy the special time together with her husband. 

She went on to tell me that since this move took place within such a small window of opportunity, she decided to leave her Trek bike behind with her nephew, and he is in 7th heaven learning about independence. 

FABULOUS...Now she can go out and look for a new bike and she has already paid a visit to the Trek dealer, Singletrack Cycles.  Christy tells me that they are really promoting the WSD program and will let her test ride the bikes, Of course they will.

So as soon as they get moved from temporary headquarters, she is going to get back on track, or path or trail and keep us posted on her equipment choices.  By the way, Christy is my "Niece", and, I am so proud and happy that she has chosen to keep in touch with me even though her Uncle Cliff has passed.  Thanks for the friendship Christy because we share a lot of "stuff".

Come Ride With Me.

March 20, 2008

"5 Long Years"

Cambria_007_2  It's been five years now since my husband, Cliff Westrope passed away from Melanoma.  As I promised him, I have continued to work for Cancer Awareness and to bring the message home for everyone ever affected.  I am directing those efforts into "Trek Women Who Ride" as a Product Advocate where they have allowed me to write about my cause.  As a result of that exposure, I have been invited to join Team Pelco as a participant in the Lance Armstrong Challenge. Cancer is an emotional experience with ups and downs; I did not want it to take away my hope for the future so I have turned my passion into energy to spread cancer awareness.

More than 10 million Americans are currently living with cancer, and more than 1.3 million people in the U.S. will be diagnosed this year alone.  It's time for us to do something about this.  We must unite to make cancer a national priority.  The LIVESTRONG challenge provides us with an opportunity to do just that.  In honor of all my friends, family and the millions of people affected, I will be riding my bike on July 12th in San Jose, California.  I have committed to raise money for the Lance Armstrong Foundation which was founded in 1997 by cancer survivor and champion cyclist, Lance Armstrong, to inspire and empower people affected by cancer. 

I know I can do this with the support of friends like you.  I'll keep you updated on my fund raising and training progress as I prepare for the event.  Follow This Link to visit my personal web page and help me in my efforts to support the Lance Armstrong Foundation. 

February 26, 2008

"More Please"

20080225091504459_00012 It seems that everyone is worried about weight loss these days, and I am among the concerned masses (pardon the pun)  After I started  down the path of life alone, I managed to work off 60+ pounds as described in my original story.  How was I crowned? with Diabetes 2.  I have not mentioned this until now because I had plenty of other stories to tell.   It's kind of embarrassing because diabetes is often linked with obesity and I have enough demons without other reminders from where I have come.  I am not a weight loss snob, and even though I have a very curvy figure that will never go away, I want to take off more weight.   The problem is, I cannot starve myself.  I must eat healthy while trying to keep my blood sugar in balance.  With all the exercise I do, sometimes I get overwhelmed and I actually become very discouraged.  It's difficult to manage weight AND eat 6 small meals a day AND keep from gaining AND keep blood sugar from spiking.  Sometimes I feel myself sicken at the thought of jumping on the scale, and I try not to do that too often using instead, my glucometer as my scale.  I thank Coach Mary who is aware of this issue and has encouraged me tremendously.  When I did my metric century, part of my victory was managing my blood sugar while doing all those miles.   

I must admit when I hear of fad, and quick weight loss diets I am somewhat jealous and somewhat annoyed.  It takes a lot of patience and determination to plan healthy meals, but I know in the long run that I will be healthier for the effort.  Why am I sharing this? maybe it will help someone else to ignore fad weight loss promises and hang in there with a proven plan and quietly work through it like I try to do.   I WILL say the healthy person that needs to lose 5, 10 or 20 pounds, to quickly reach a goal, can withstand some calorie and nutrition deficit without any problems.  Let's all be mindful that everyone has to stick with his own path to achieve goals; and it's good, to have goals.   

Come Ride With Me.