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January 20, 2009

"A Celebrity Connection"

DSC00116 My sister wrote to me today expressing how much she is enjoying her Lime Lite Bicycle.  She has been on the market for over a year and finally decided on this model.  Here is what she writes to me.

"This is what I say to my younger friends when I'm talking about my new bike:  I grew up in the generation that had no hand brakes or gears on their bicycles.  If we wanted to stop we just back peddled and if we were going up a hill we just stook up and peddled faster.  When I purchased my first "ten speed" , as an adult, I was always spending more time trying to find out what gear I was supposed to be in and never enjoyed the ride.  Maybe it's hard to "teach an old dog new tricks", but I'll tell you this "old dog's" new trick was to purchase a Lime Lite.  For the first time in my adult bike riding life I truly enjoy riding my bike because I am not preoccupied with th gears.  anyone intimidated with gears on a bike will love-love-love the Lime.

DSC00114 I came across a picture this weekend of Tom Hanks riding a bike around the movie studio where he is curently filming.  I don't know who supplied the bike or if he owns it. was a Lime Lite.  Birds of a feather, flock together...Go test drive one today, the Trek dealers are always happy to show their wares.

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November 24, 2008

"7.6 FX WSD"

76fxwsd_white[1] Sue Bergeron is one of the ladies that I keep in touch with on a fairly regular basis and she is from "my age" neighborhood.  Sue is currently waiting for her new 7.6 FX to be delivered and I wanted to share her thoughts as just one of many who have written to me about this bike.   

"While doing two Backroads bike and multi-sport tours this past year, I realized that I felt a lot more confident and secure riding their bikes than my own.  The reason for this is because, their bikes have tires that are a little wider and are more forgiving when it comes to navigating small rocks, potholes, etc.  and also the handlebars are like those on a mountain bike so that I was able to sit up which is a lot easier on my back. Also the gear shifters were up on the handle bars with a visual indicator letting me know approximately what gear I was in and much easier for me to use.  For a comparison, a beach cruiser is the equivalent of a very comfortable pair of cross trainer shoes with inserts for added comfort.  My beautiful road bike with the curl down bars and skinny tires, however is for me the equivalent of trying to walk around in a parit of 5" stiletto heels!  If I am riding a beach cruiser, I am able to relax and enjoy a casual ride in a flat location without having to think too much.  But, if I am trying to walk around in 5" heels, I need to be hyper-aware of my surroundings so that I do not fall and break my neck or something else.  I plan to keep my beautiful road bike, but for the foreseeable future I am looking forward to becoming one with my beautiful new 7.6 FX WSD.  It is not that one bike is better than the other, it's just that for right now I believe my biking needs and skills are more suited to the 7.6 FX WSD.  I hate getting older, it sucks!  but I am in better health and shape now than I was in my 20's and I am able to do a lot more.  Hopefully, I am also wiser.  Sue Bergeron

I couldn't have said it better myself.

Come Ride With Me. 

September 9, 2008

"Networking" Women Who Ride

Images27 This week I have been lucky to be involved with the pre-roll out functions for yet another piece of the Trek Women Who Ride Program.  Trek has been working diligently in designing a fabulous network  in which we can all connect together.  If you have not already done so, this would be a great time to get signed up for the Women Who Ride Club.

I don't want to give away all the details because it is so special, and the reveal needs to be left to all the talented Imaginers that dreamed this all up. 

I know a couple of weeks ago, I had reported that I had temporarily run out of goals.  I think it is safe to say that this involvement has pushed me to yet another commitment level not only to myself but to my bicycles, my health and all of you readers as my friends.   If you are looking for a way to put your finger on information and feel like you have tons of support and involvement, you won't have to hold your breath too much longer.  Am I painting a mysterious picture?

Just know this, I can't wait for this program to get started.  As soon as we finish up some specific tests and agree that everything is working well, it will be turned on for all the Women Who Ride members. Then,,,

Come Ride With Me.

September 8, 2008

"The Bunnies"


For those of you who can never get to the reader comments, I thought you would like to read a typical comment from one of my lovely readers.  These comments are my reward every day.

Hi Marie,
I was looking through the Trek web sites to investigate buying a road bike and came upon your blog.  It was very amazing and fun to read, I have been a casual rider for several year, but now the kids are grown and I was looking for an interesting and fun hobby.  It had to be a hobby that was fitness oriented so I was looking to buy a road bike and learn more about cycling.  I would love to do the breast cancer rides in my area so I might start with that in October.  I live in New Jersey so there are a few rides that will take place.  I want to also join a club so I can find mentors to show me the ropes about cycling.  I am also 60 years old and find that your stories and adventures really inspired me so thank you.   What kind of bike do you have now? I have a mountain bike but I want a road bike too.  Well thanks again   Bunny

Hi Bunny, My family nickname is Bunny also, because I was born on Easter weekend. I am so glad that you enjoy the stories; they are all heartfelt, salt and peppered with a little blood, much sweat and quite a few tears. I also have a Mountain Bike and have learned that there are defined purposes for all the different bikes. The charity rides (I feel) are easier on the rode bike, and the Mountain bike, so much fun on the dirt paths. Joining the Trek Women Who Ride Club should be a must for you.  This website is going to be very interactive and a great resource for local support in your area.  That was the most important issue for me as I began, looking for support.  Keep me posted on your progress.  Marie

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August 27, 2008

" Helmets or Lack of "

Goofy Did you all notice the lack of bicycle helmets on the bicycle riders in Beijing?.  I even caught several news stories where our American journalists were riding bikes with one of the local escorts through the daily traffic.  The comment was, "We don't use them here."   Well I just don't get it.  It certainly cannot be because of the lack of traffic or population.  It cannot be due to lack of education; they  know the difference and these citizens are certainly very intelligent in their modern city.  Where did that concept get missed/forgotten?  You have to use your head to protect your head.  Don't follow that casual approach.  I hate how I look in a bicycle helmet, but I can't imagine not wearing one any more than being in a car without a seat belt.  Don't hop on a bike without strapping on a helmet that :Will

Touches your head all the way around,

Rests level.

Extends as low as possible to help cover the sides of your head

Resists violent shakes and stays in place

Doesn't rock back and forth more than an inch or so

Sits one to two finger widths above your eyebrows to protect your forehead. By the way these little guys helmets are askew but they were not on the bikes when we took the picture.   

Come Ride With Me

June 30, 2008


Bike_riding_003 I managed to get another ride into the schedule this week, and it just worked out that Kathryn and Joy were available too.  Finally; I have been nudging them along for quite some time now to "Come Ride With Me", but one thing leads to another and it's hard for everyone to clear the same time frame on their schedules.  It was actually much cooler today than we had planned and we were able to get it a short 17 miles before everyone had to take off in different directions.  We are all on different levels with our riding skills, and I find it really cool how we help each other with support.  In a couple of weeks, we will plan another ride leaving from a different location and end at the ocean if at all possible.   

Between now and then I have to solve these flat tire issues.  I was once scared to death of getting a flat tire, not knowing how to change it.  Now that I see just how frequently this happens, I have another fear.  I just don't want to be stranded and yet I hate not being independant out on my bike.  I just cannot keep waiting for someone to come along and accompany me because I'll never get out there as much as I need to.  Please throw out some tidbits of comfort or ideas.  Personally, I think I need a different set of tires on this bike.  I am beginning to think the tires are magnetic or am I magnetic.  Something is attracting the nails and fish hooks.   

Come Ride With Me. 

June 29, 2008

"Are You OK?"

Bike_riding_005 As I ride my bike, I have become very aware of other riders, especially if they look like they need help.  I came across two young girls with their mountain bikes this weekend and one flat tire.  They had no spare but I had my small hand pump and my co2.  Because we were all about 5 miles into our ride, the young girls thought they could get to the beach as long as they had air.  Well, they got air but were convinced that they had a better chance of getting back to the park.  As we were standing along side the path, so many people, went by saying, "Are You OK?"  How nice that they still asked, even though we were working on the problem.  I continued my ride and kept that thought in the back of my mind; just how gracious everyone is.

A short time later as I decided to end my ride and turn around to return the 10 miles back, I felt this thump, thump, thump.  I immediately stopped, looked at my back tire and pajeeze if I didn't have another flat.  Well, I got the "Back" tire off the bike and was starting to remove it from the wheel when a nice young man accompanied by this two children, stopped and said, "Are You OK?".  I said, I think I can do this and I have all the things I need including a tube. He was so pleased that I was prepared, that he said, "Let me help you with this anyway".  He finished up the job and ended up with grease all over his hands. (I need to find room for towelettes)  He thought the co2 was quite cool, so I tried to give it to him as a thank you.  He would not accept, so I offered to take his picture and publish my Thank You on the web site.  As I finished up my ride, I wondered, if I had not stopped to help those young girls, would I have still received this gracious help.  My answer, YOU BET, this guy would stop to help anyone because that's who he is.   Kind Sir, I hope you are reading this and will reply with your name so I can publicly let everyone know who you are.  Thank you so much, once again. 

June 26, 2008

My New Saddle

Whittier_cyclery_pictures_0111 Credit where credit is due.  I am here to thank Whittier Cyclery for their generosity, hosssssspitality, and what else, well, they got me set up in a more comfortable ride, and probably saved me from a dangerous fall. 

Since I had already called them to check out a new saddle, I took my bike in with a flat.  They took me into the workshop to watch the repair and get a little refresher course on changing the back tire.  Robert started going over my bike and found numerous, numerous adjustments that were out of sync on my bike, so bad, they wondered if I had assembled the bike myself.  Not only were the adjustments corrected but I was able to observe and learn about more things to watch out for.   

When I take my car in for  a tune up and pay for that service, I shouldn't have to worry about the state of the repairs; I feel the same way about my bike.  I have learned a valuable lesson here about bike maintenance and how much of your trust you are allowed to impart in that bicycle mechanic.

Darn, I gotta tell you this bicycle journey is quite a Saga, and what do I walk away with, more self confidence to demand that things better be right for me or you will not get my business.  Thank you Robert, for correcting my direction down this path and teaching me to watch out for these potential problems.  You are now my "go to guy".  Robert and his wife both ride Trek bikes and while they love their bikes, they don't mind telling me about a few issues that they would like to see improved.  This is why I am out there in the public, to hear what people have to say.

Come Ride With Me

June 17, 2008

Mr. Bike Shop

Mr. Bike Shop,

Is it OK to switch the saddle from my Fitness bike to my Pilot road bike? Before I start to dismantle, I thought I would ask.  Still looking for a solution.

Uncomfortable in La Habra

June 3, 2008

"I'm A Hawker"

Jax_demo_004 I paid a visit to a new trail on Saturday, known as the "Fullerton Loop"  This is a good place to ride my mountain bike and it's actually very close to home; maybe 4 miles.  As it turns out all the bike riders at work knew about this trail including my new boss, who is a bike rider himself.  (At a later date, we are going to organize a company bike ride and get as many people as we can out there on bikes.) 

The reason this all came together is because JAX Bicycle Center was holding a demo out there which included Matt and his collection of Trek Bicycles.  Although this was basically more for the guys, I took the opportunity to put on my "Sales" cap and speak to a few people.  As I was looking around, I saw a fellow changing his tire, and you know now that this issue is close to my heart.  I thought "what the heck" and walked up to him and started a discussion.  I introduced myself and invited him down the hill to take a test ride on one of the many bikes to choose from.  He proceeded to tell me he was unhappy with his "Special" bike and as soon as he managed to get that back tire in place he would do that.  I guess I'm a "Peddler" or a "Hawker" after all.

Jax_demo_003 This is "Ike", see "Ike" changing his tire.  He wasn't any more thrilled with the idea than I was.  He told me that many times he has called his wife to pick him up.  The only reason he is smiling is because I told him I would put his picture on the website.  I wonder how he felt about the Trek bikes?  If you read this, let me know how that worked for you. 

By the way I actually approached a few guys with wedding rings and asked them if their wife rode a bicycle.  I gave them a copy of the new "Ride Guide" and encouraged them to take the book home along with their other brochures and share the reading.  I thought it would be a nice gesture if they showed their wife that they were thinking about them, even while participating in a bicycle demo.  Anyway it was all good.

Come Ride With Me.