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September 25, 2007

Last Race of the season

The Single Track Escape race was my third and final race of the season.  After my chain got stuck in mile one, and I crashed in mile two, the race went really well and I got 6th place in the women's sport division.


It was the most technical race I have done, due to the tight turns and narrow tree passages.  I don't really know what happened to my chain in the first mile, but it kept rubbing on my frame and I couldn't get it to stop.  I had to hop off my bike to fix it apparently.  As soon as I got off, there seemed to be no problem, so I got back on and tried to catch the ladies who had just passed me.  After the race I looked at my frame and it had gotten scratched up pretty bad from my chain rubbing.  Nothing a little touch up paint can't semi-fix though. 

The fall I took in mile two was kind of funny.  I had to really haul butt after my technical problems, so I was going pretty fast. I was excited and confident that I had caught and passed three lady riders.  Still going pretty fast, I got a little too close to the edge of the trail and...BANG!  Just like that I was on the side of the trail and my bike in the middle of the trail with the handle bar completely twisted around.  The end of my handle bar had clipped a small tree trunk.  It happened so fast I had no time to react; I just went where physics wanted me to go.  It didn't hurt (well my shoulder was a little sore the next day), but my biggest concern was getting my bike out of the trail so the riders behind me would not have an unnecessary obstacle to roll over.

The riders I had worked so hard to pass just moments before, were now ahead of me again.  I didn't waste a second, got back on my bike, and was determined to pass as many of them as I could (especially this one girl who looked like she was 12 years old; I wasn't about to be beat by a 12 year old! Humiliating!).

The rest of the race went really well and I worked my way up to 6th place in the end. The best part was passing this rider in the last mile.  As I came up on her, I recognized her from my very first race at Buck Hill.  She had gotten first place in the race, and beat me by like ten minutes.   I couldn't help but smile when she got stuck in a tight turn and I passed her with a polite "thank-you".  She might have been having a really bad race, but I prefer to think that I beat her because I am becoming a better rider.

With the racing over for the season, it is time to think about next year.  I hope to keep riding enough to do really well in some races next year.


My friend Lindsay did great in her race, especially since it was her second mountain bike race ever. Third place finish, good job.  Lindsay, you really should race more, you're pretty good.  Her boyfriend, Scott, was in the sport race with me.  He raced single speed and got third, even after an unfortunate short ripping experience. If you see him, ask him how he had time to leave the trail, go to his car, change shorts, and still place third.


You are a real mountain biker if you crash like that and get up and ride the rest of the race! My friend Kimber and I say that we are "real mountain bikers" if we get muddy on the ride or we fix a chain that falls off.

Posted by: Haley Rhoades | Oct 7, 2007 8:58:02 AM

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