Trek Women
February 28, 2008

First Race of the Year!

Sea Otter ClassicSeaotter1_3 here I come.  This x-country race is in Monterey CA, on April 19th.  That is six weeks away and I am a little nervous.  Mostly because I haven't been on my mountain bike all winter and the snow hasn't melted yet.  It is unlikely that I will get a whole lot of practice before the big day.

I can always hope for the best though.  I still have a goal to stay on my bike for an entire race without falling off.  I haven't done it yet.  Could this be the race that I achieve that goal?

Stay tuned in to find out.   

I am so excited to race, and to go to California! More details about the race later.  (The picture is not me...but it was taken at the Sea Otter Classic of 2007)  It is so cool what people can do on a bike...I just ride mine...not that exciting. 

February 18, 2008

Valentines day for me

Happy_valentines I rode a spin bike for an hour and a half on valentines day.  My true love is riding outdoors, preferably where you can get good and muddy - of course, with the temperatures reading in the low single digits above and below zero, there was no mud to be found.  I still felt a little unfaithful though.

The rest of the day I spent talking with my clients about their fitness goals, how cold it was, and what valentines day meant to them.  we agreed on their fitness goals (they needed to lose some weight) we agreed on how cold it was (way, way, way too cold) but we did not agree on what valentines day meant.

Here were some of the answers that I got:

"Love is dead; valentines day is just another way that malls get money. True love is taking out the trash and turning the music down - not diamonds."

"I love valentines day.  All the guys go out and buy flowers and all the girls can be flirty and fun."

"It is valentines day today?"

"Romance is gone..." (she was wearing a red bra when she said it...  interesting.)

"I'm sorry Steph" 

That last one was my husband Bill, who claimed to have forgotten completely about Valentines day.  He said that to make up we could go buy an outfit for me and then go out to dinner.  the outfit shopping was not successful.  I was tired from work and not feeling very pretty... We walked around the mall until we saw the movie theaters.  I wanted to see a movie but Bill said that there was nothing he really wanted to watch.  so we did not see a movie.  The night was starting to feel like love really was dead.

But then we went home and Bill had cleaned the house and lit candles all over everywhere.  he told me that he loved me and we danced to a slow song in our living room.  Bill had gotten me a great gift and the night turned out wonderful.

I hope you all had a wonderful day as well.

February 10, 2008

Life is tough

Dsc_0118Maybe if I just close my eyes and count to three, I will wake up and this will all be just a dream. The negative degree weather will be gone.  My job will not be so time consuming.  I will wake up and life will be the way I want it to be, right? 

I can hope, but when I open my eyes, it is very likely that nothing has changed a bit.  The winter will still be hanging on and the snow will still cover the ground for another month or so. My job as a Personal Trainer is not going to get any easier.  Let's face it, I am just going to have to open my eyes and face the facts. Buck up a little bit and push through it.

This has been the hardest winter I have ever had to get through.  When I am on the other side of it...maybe I'll be a better person for it?  Not likely...I might just move.

The picture by the way is my little niece, Robyn.  She is a doll.

February 5, 2008

One Hundred Thirty-Five

Track There are not a lot of things that I have done 135 times.  I have walked two hundred steps on a pair of stilts when I was 10 years old.  I have bounced two thousand times on a pogo stick with out stopping.  And now I have run a round a track one hundred thirty-five times.  Before you freak out...135 laps on this track only equaled about 14 miles. 

All the loops didn't drive me crazy.  I actually felt like I accomplished something pretty cool. 

My friend Robin Barden is the reason I ran it.  She is training for the Boston Marathon, and she is a real tough runner.  She had me beat after 5 miles.  I still managed to stick with her through the fourteen miles...until the last lap.  She had enough energy to sprint the last lap and leave me in the dust. I have to give you credit Robin, you are an awesome runner.

The next day I was pretty sore, but she didn't feel a thing.  My right calf muscle suffered the most damage from all the left handed turns.

135 was a lot of fun...but I am still looking forward to those outdoor runs.

February 1, 2008

I miss the Sun!


This is where I want to be...and this is what I want to be doing.

Plain and simple.