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June 24, 2008



I know...a foot is probably the last thing you want to see on some one's blog...but I had to do it.

If you look at the balls of my feet, you will notice that both of them are callused.  In fact most people who walk have a callus there...a big patch of dead skin due to friction. Calluses are actually pretty good things, all long as they remain attached to the layers of living skin underneath.

On Saturday, tragedy struck, and my calluses became unattached during a soccer match.  The result was two blood-blisters.  I knew my feet hurt, but decided to keep playing.  That was not the smartest choice I have ever made.  The blood blisters then riped open and the rest is history. I am now waiting for the under-layer of skin to heal enough to take the calluses off.

The whole injury has not slowed me down.  I can't run yet, but I did go for a 45 mile bike ride yesterday, and I am planning to play in our next soccer match this Saturday!

Wish me luck!


Oh the humanity!

Posted by: Kim | Jun 26, 2008 11:25:03 PM

just don't post saddle sores, oky??? :)

Posted by: Sue | Jun 28, 2008 1:29:16 PM

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