Trek Women
July 23, 2008

Try a Tri?

Dsc_0216_5 I am up to try just about anything that involves physical exertion. When I watched my friends, Brook and Michelle, compete in the LifeTime Fitness Triathlon at Lake Nokomis, I wanted to get out there and do it with them. I would have died in the water...of course.

I have decided that I would like to try and do a few triathlons in the future. My goal is to do at least one this season, but hopefully more because I want to be able to do an Ironman eventually. We will see about that?
Watching other people compete is great! Not only do you get to cheer on your friends and family, but it will inspire to do better. Maybe you won't be competing in the next bike race...but you could dust off that bike that has been hanging in the garage for over a year now...yeah, that one you promised yourself you would ride.

Go ahead and do it! Sign up for a race, go for a run, or cheer on the athletes in a local sporting event!

By the way, both Brook and Michelle got their personal best times at that triathlon. Great job ladies!

July 7, 2008

Sherpani's got style

Dsc_0008I am not a big fashion girl.  For example...right now I am wearing flipflops, with jeans, a teeshirt and a Twins baseball cap. Stylish? ... I think not.

That is why I am so grateful for Sherpani.  They sent me this really cute messenger bag/purse.  They must of heard that I could really use some help with my fashion and accessories.

The one I have is called Trevina.  It is medium sized, yet spacious. The inside lining is very cute and it has plenty of pockets for everything.   I love it.  Thanks Sherpani!

Dsc_0002 Sherpani is an awesome company with good ideals and philosophy.  Check out their unique bags online by clicking here.  These can really help out with your style.  I have probably moved up like 6 whole points on the fashion scale.

I'll write again soon...but probably not about fashion!