Trek Women
August 6, 2008

A Happy Birthday!

This picture has nothing to do with this is a picture of my neighbor's daughter, and she is was a great picture, and I couldn't help but share it.

Yesterday was my Birthday! 23 years old! Nothing spectacular happened, but it was a wonderful day. I rode my favorite bike into work. It was my Trek Fuel Ex 8 WSD...I know, not the fastest bike on the road, but my favorite none the less. Work was rather easy. I got to do a killer workout with one of the other Personal Trainers. It involved things like jumping up flights of stairs on one foot. (Evan, my legs hurt real bad today, but it was a lot of fun).

After work I came home to a clean house and dinner cooking. Bill is such a sweetheart. He got me a Bob Trailer and some SpeedPlay pedals as a gift. He even made birthday brownies for dessert.

I got a surprise phone call from a friend, and an even bigger surprise email from another. It all ended with a walk around the neighborhood before I went to bed. What a wonderful day. Just thought I would share. Live everyday happy!

Thank you to all those who said/sang Happy Birthday. You made my day special.


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