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August 25, 2008

"I'd rather be chased by a bear!"


That is a direct quote.

I took my good friend mountain biking this past weekend. She is very new to mountain biking (I don't think she had actually done it before). The day was beautiful, the trails were smooth, and my friend looked like she was having fun. Everything was going so well in the beginning; but by the end of the ride, she said "I'd rather be chased by a bear, than go mountain biking again!"

Wow! I thought it was pretty funny, but she was serious. She wasn't talking about a cute baby bear...she was talking full grown, very hungry Grizzly Bear!
What happened? Well, it was a culmination of many things:

1. She crashed down a hill in the very beginning of the ride.
2. The crash made her tense and nervous the rest of the ride.
3. The nerves made her unable to control the bike on the unfamiliar terrain.
4. Lack of control led to other near crashes.
5. Near crashes made her fear for her life around every corner.

What could I have done to make her experience better? I have some ideas. I will post them soon!


I can tell you how I got comfortable with mountain biking. I went very slowly and by myself. I just started riding this Feb 2008. Since I ride by myself if I want to walk down a hill no one is there to pressure me into trying to ride it; until I'm comfortable enough to do so. I also started with small goals like learning to take curves, then learning to take curves faster, then learning to do small dips, then bigger ones. With each accomplishment I have gained more confidence. So if she is willing to give it another try have her do it by herself and even if she walks a good portion of it atleast she's trying and is out there on the trails. Eventually she'll be ready to ride with you. That's my two cents anyway!

Posted by: everhark | Aug 26, 2008 11:23:31 AM

Yes, that is correct, I did say I would rather be chased by a Giant, Hungry, Grizzly Bear!

Steph forgot to mention that the bike I was on was TOO BIG, which is why controlling the bike was an issue, more so than the nerves after the crash.

If you are a new mountain biker, I have one piece of advice for you...AVOID THE ROCK GARDENS! Especially the rock gardens that appear down hill and around corners! Ahhhhh!

I love biking! But, I'll keep to my road bike where I have control, speed and wind in my face (rather than blood on my body)! : )

Posted by: "The Friend" | Aug 26, 2008 10:08:31 PM

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