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August 19, 2008

The Epic Bike Ride!

600 miles, 10 numb toes, 2 sore butt cheeks, 2 flat tires, and 1 crash later. And all to go to Trek World!

Day 1 was about 160 miles long and beat "the longest day of my life" by a long shot. I was on the road for about 14 hours...that is 3 times longer than I have ever spent on a bike! The picture is of day 2 where I only had to ride a little over 130 miles into Madison.

Dsc_0118_8Bill is just as crazy as I am. On Saturday, he woke up and rode from Minneapolis to La Crosse, Wi to meet me. Sunday we rode home together to Minneapolis. I was so glad he came so I didn't have to pull the Bob Trailer anymore. After 450 miles, that thing was heavy!

We stopped for lunch in Nelson, Wi. I had to change my socks because I stepped in some gum. Every 30 miles I had to take my shoes off to give my feet some rest.

Wisconsin was beautiful! Not a lot out there except for soybeans, corn, and cows...but i really enjoyed riding through it all. This was the toughest athletic endeavor of my life so far. My legs are still very sore, I developed calluses on my rear end, and I think it will take another week to gain feeling in my toes again. Would I do it again? Heck yeah!

The scoop on Trek World coming soon!


Way to go! What an accomplishment!

Posted by: everhark | Aug 19, 2008 9:57:21 AM

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