Trek Women
August 20, 2008

Trek World 2009

Dsc_0062Trek World is a dealer show that Trek holds every year. It is for dealers, sales reps, and Women Who Ride, of course. We get to check out the 2009 bikes and you are getting the insider's scoop!

The best part of the whole trip was a story that Frank, a bike shop owner, told me. Here it is: He met a girl (Let's call her Jane) who had her heart set on getting a Trek 1600 bicycle. She really wanted this bike (can't blame was a nice bike). Jane happened to enter a contest that was sponsored by a bicycle company other than Trek (the company will not be named for dignity purposes). I don't know the details of the contest, but the prize was either a trip for two to the Tour of France, or $3,000. As is turns out, Jane won the contest! She opted for the $3000 and promptly went to her local bike shop. When she found out they did not have Trek bicycles, she showed up at Frank's shop. With $3,000 in prize money, and a smile on her face, she bought a Trek 1600.

Yeah, Trek Bikes really are that good!

Here are a few on my favorite bikes from the show. The Top Fuel, Madone, and all new District! Enjoy!


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