Trek Women
September 22, 2008

Race Update

Chequamegon 2008. The good and the bad.


1. Lea Davison said good luck to me before the race.
2.I beat my time from last year.
3. It was very muddy.
4. Temperature was perfect.
5. I got done racing about 1 hour before it started pouring rain.
6. Did I mention the mud and how much fun it was.

1. I didn't get my goal time of under three hours.
2. I had energy left at the end of the race.
3. I took fourth in my age group, which meant no trophy.

Overall the good was more than the bad and I had so much fun during the race. It is still my favorite race ever. Great job to Lea Davison for being the first woman to cross the finish line! She rocks!


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