Trek Women
November 25, 2008

Ten things I'm Thankful for

I am Thankful that I...
  1. have such an awesome husband!
  2. live in this wonderful Country and enjoy marvelous freedoms
  3. have such good friends and family
  4. bike like crazy (of course)
  5. love music and dancing but I can't sing or dance worth a dime
  6. don't really like fast food
  7. have had very good health my whole life
  8. can run a marathon
  9. have lived in California, Hawaii, Utah, Idaho, and Minnesota
  10. am happy
I hope everyone remembers some of the things that they are truly thankful for.  Have a very happy Thanksgiving!
November 21, 2008

Cycling Weather? I think not!


This morning when I woke up I checked the temperature.  

It was degrees 7 Fahrenheit...with some wind.  That made it feel like -1 degree. Really?! It is only November 21st and it is already this cold!  

I have been pretty good about riding in the cold weather so far.  I have been riding when it is in the 20s, and at 5:30 in the AM.  

Last year I made it through November, before I gave up and started driving the car.  This year, I thought I would try to make it to Christmas!  But with the recent temperature drop...I am not so sure about Christmas anymore.

This is a picture of me just after I got back from a 5 mile ride home.  I didn't cover my face because it was only about 25 degrees.  It was a mistake though. My face was frozen.  You can't really tell from the picture.  Just imagine that it is a video that you are viewing...except nothing would move or change...because my face is frozen!

Happy Frosty Riding! 

November 13, 2008

Squirrel Pumpkin Art


The squirrels in Minnesota are amazing!  Two years in a row they have carved my pumpkins for me. 

All my neighbors went through the trouble and mess of carving their own pumpkins. 

Why do that when you can have expert carvers do it absolutely free of charge! 

The first picture is their work from last year.  The second is their latest art work.  Wow, these little guys have talent.

Drastic differences...I wonder if it is the same squirrel who has changed his style, or two completely different artists.  Hmmm?

To get your own squirrel pumpkin art, simply put a pumpkin on your front or back porch.  It will be discovered within 2 days and the artist will begin his work.  The art will change over time; the longer you leave the pumpkin out, the more incredible the art becomes.  Good luck and Happy Holidays!


November 6, 2008

Something to Smile about

I have been hanging out with Christine and takings tons of amazing pictures!  Hope they make you smile!


What a cutie!




Father and sweet!


The whole Family.  What a beautiful day!

Keep riding...and smiling. 
November 3, 2008

Five Reasons to Ride this Fall

DSC_0002 It has been unseasonably warm this last week in Minnesota. It does not feel like the typical cold fall that everyone is used to.  That would probably explain the hundreds of people who were circling Lake Harriet yesterday afternoon. 

Truly, I have never seen that many people going around that lake at one time...ever.  It was absolutely wonderful.  There were walkers, joggers, dogs, roller-bladers, and of course bikers galore. 

Fall is really my favorite season to ride in, so I thought I would give five good reasons to get outside and get on that bike of yours!

  • one. It is beautiful! The leaves, the smell, everything!
  • two. You get to wear your warmer riding gear; I love putting on gloves and a nice windbreaker.
  • three. You don't feel guilty eating candy corn on a long bike ride.
  • four. Riding your bike is one of the best ways to prepare for the holidays (physically and mentally).
  • five. The sound of crunching leaves under your wheels.

Fall is my favorite season to ride in.  Too bad it seems to be over so quickly.  Don't miss out. Get out there and ride!