Trek Women
February 24, 2009



Sisters are great.  I went to California two weeks ago to visit my family and I haven't posted any of those pictures yet.  This is a picture of me and two of my sisters, Brittany and Breanna.  I have three more sisters as well.  I should post a picture of all six of is quite a sight!  I feel like none of us look a whole lot alike. 

Sisters are great.  I am glad I have so many. Biological sisters, church sisters, running sisters, and of course, biking sisters.  I love all of my sisters out there!
February 18, 2009

The Good Guys Won...barely


In one corner...  The ride her bike to work in Minnesota Winter Stephanie!
In the other corner... Wicked, huge, not joking around Minnesota Snow Flakes!

Recap of the fight...Snow Flakes came on strong and dirty in the beginning with multiple shots to the eyeballs.  After the fight, Stephanie tells us "It was brutal out there, flake after flake landing in my eyes. It was painful and I could barely see."  

As the fight went on, Stephanie took the "tuck you chin and push harder approach".  It seemed to have paid off.  She came out winner in the end...only sustaining minor injuries to her eyes and very wet shoes. 

Stephanie 1, Snow Flakes 0

Minnesota Snow Flakes could not be reached for questioning after the fight. 
February 10, 2009

"It felt like springtime..."


"...on this February morning."  I think that is a phrase from a song by Sophie B. Hawkins.  

She is talking about love, but I am talking about real springtime!  It is still winter, but this February has been so gentle to us in Minnesota.  I think it was close to 45 degrees Fahrenheit yesterday.  Absolute bliss!

I went for a run outside and it was amazing.  The birds were all out chirping their beautiful songs.  We (me and the birds) all know that this warm weather won't last.  Winter is not close to being over, but we are sure enjoying the break.

The picture is from this weekend at our friend's cabin.  We had so much fun. Thanks for inviting us!

February 4, 2009

My Masked Crusader!

I'm really tired of the cold.  And I'm really tired of writing all my blogs about the cold.  But I could not resist snapping a shot of Bill as he got home from work last night. Click the picture to enlarge...check out the huge icicles on his eyelashes. My masked crusader!