Trek Women
February 18, 2009

The Good Guys Won...barely


In one corner...  The ride her bike to work in Minnesota Winter Stephanie!
In the other corner... Wicked, huge, not joking around Minnesota Snow Flakes!

Recap of the fight...Snow Flakes came on strong and dirty in the beginning with multiple shots to the eyeballs.  After the fight, Stephanie tells us "It was brutal out there, flake after flake landing in my eyes. It was painful and I could barely see."  

As the fight went on, Stephanie took the "tuck you chin and push harder approach".  It seemed to have paid off.  She came out winner in the end...only sustaining minor injuries to her eyes and very wet shoes. 

Stephanie 1, Snow Flakes 0

Minnesota Snow Flakes could not be reached for questioning after the fight. 


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