Trek Women
April 29, 2009

Pictures from Boston

Here are some pictures form Boston and the race.  Enjoy!
April 20, 2009

I finished!

Despite the odds against me...I finished the Boston marathon! My time was 3:59:31.  Just under four hours, and my slowest time by a long shot.  I am happy with it though.  I was not able to train well during the last 6 weeks because of my knee, but it held out and I was able to run almost the entire race.  (I only walked for 20 seconds at a time and stopped to stretch twice.)  

Overall, it was amazing amounts of fun...I couldn't have asked for a better 26.2 mile run. Thanks so much to Bill and his parents for coming out to Boston to cheer me on. I love you!
April 14, 2009

Track me at the Boston Marathon

Dear Fans, Friends and Family, 

I am running the Boston Marathon on Monday, April 20th, 2009.  Last year I ran the Fargo, North Dakota marathon and qualified for Boston. Check out that post here.  I have been training very hard, and I had hopes of getting a phenomenal PR (personal record) in this marathon.  Due to an injury, I will not be running my fastest marathon, but I will preserve and cross the finish line. 

I am aware that all of my fans will not be able to make it to Boston to watch me run, so you have another option:  You can track my progress online or on your phone through text messages. Just go to this site before race day:
or this site on race day:

My Race Bib Number is: 12092

Wish me luck!
Fargo MArathon
April 9, 2009

Living with Friends

We moved out of our apartment last week, and into our friend's house.  We are waiting to close on a home that we are buying.  So we are going to live with our friends until then. 

Some may say that it is unwise, painful, or damaging to move in with friends...but I disagree. It has been a total blast!  Here are my top five reasons why:

1. Pizza (homemade)

2. Long bike rides to work

3. Staying up late

4. Sharing groceries, and clothes

5. TV (we don't have one, but they do!)

On a side note, Spring is on its way...I am so excited!