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June 17, 2009

My Memory of Kevin

Kevin Pavlis: good friend, great father, loving husband, and cyclist.

My good friend Kevin Pavlis was struck by a car last Thursday while riding his bike in Boise, ID.  He passed away the next day on Friday, June 12th due to his injuries. He leaves behind his wife and 2 year old daughter. You can read about his life here:

I feel so sad when I hear about things like this happening to fellow cyclists. In Boise alone, two other cyclists were killed after being hit by vehicles in the last month.  This news hurts even more when it is a close friend.  I worked with Kevin at Idaho Mountain Touring when we lived in Boise. He was a wonderful friend, and co-worker, and a great person to go cycling with.  

I have this picture of me and is the only one I could find right now. The picture is from a LAC group mountain bike ride two summers ago. We went to the foothills and practiced going off rocks and maneuvering down drop offs. I was very new to mountain biking at the time, so Kevin was helping me out by pointing out the lines I should follow and making sure I was safe going down the rocks. He got off his bike and was helping me and the other timid cyclists, rather than riding around himself. He is such a gentleman, and great friend. I am glad I have this photo to remember that day.  Kevin
I will always remember his big smile, his boisterous laugh, and his Green-Tea Frapuccinos. (Actually, I don't know if he drinks them anymore, but he used to).  Thanks for all the good times at IMT and all our bike rides Kevin!  I will miss you! 

PLEASE: when you are cycling on the roads, take an extra second to be aware of your surroundings, and always wear a helmet. Kevin was wearing a helmet, and though it did not save his life, it could save yours.  Also, if you are driving, please pay attention to the road. These accidents happen so fast, and are so tragic, so please give driving your undivided attention.  And...Slow down!  Getting somewhere a little faster is not worth someone's life.  I hope everyone will be more careful and aware out there on the roads. 
January 5, 2009

You love to ride your bike.

You love to ride your bike.

You are totally excited about the Women Who Ride Contest. 

You would go crazy if you actually won.


You haven't even started your essay, and...

You don't even know what to write.


If you would like some help, you should read my essay from last year.  It might give you some ideas.  "I stole my first bike"

Remember, you only have till the 24th!  Good luck!

November 13, 2008

Squirrel Pumpkin Art


The squirrels in Minnesota are amazing!  Two years in a row they have carved my pumpkins for me. 

All my neighbors went through the trouble and mess of carving their own pumpkins. 

Why do that when you can have expert carvers do it absolutely free of charge! 

The first picture is their work from last year.  The second is their latest art work.  Wow, these little guys have talent.

Drastic differences...I wonder if it is the same squirrel who has changed his style, or two completely different artists.  Hmmm?

To get your own squirrel pumpkin art, simply put a pumpkin on your front or back porch.  It will be discovered within 2 days and the artist will begin his work.  The art will change over time; the longer you leave the pumpkin out, the more incredible the art becomes.  Good luck and Happy Holidays!