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October 23, 2007


So you’ve figured out by now that I have a few favorite men in my life.  Yes, the Loveman is still #1 BUT….one of my favorite people is a guy that is turning 50 today and to celebrate he'll be running 50 miles.  No joke.  His name is Offie and I met him about 5 years ago while riding my bike (yes, making cool friends is another major benefit of riding a bike).Offie1   I love riding with him because he talks as much as a girl. 

Offie is kind of like a renaissance man.  He not only does everything, but he does it really well.  He was football player and a tennis player in his younger years and now he is a cyclist and a marathon runner.  He also sits on several boards and is currently the President of the board for One Less Car.  He rides his bike to work and clearly practices what he preaches.  Mayor_3 He makes me look like a slug.  He is very charismatic and lights up a room the second he enters it.  His laugh is infectious and he is an inspiration to everyone that knows him.  On top of all these other things, he lives for ham.  He likes baked ham, boiled ham, ham salad, ham sandwiches, ham omelets, ham soup or ham on a stick. 

When I am teasing Offie I like to call him “Mr. Mayor”.  He seems to know someone everywhere we go (you can only imagine how his girlfriend feels).  Two days ago when we attended Tour du Port I was talking to Offie when a car pulled up and someone said “Look it’s the mayor!”  Next thing you know Baltimore Mayor Sheila Dixon emerged from the vehicle and walked right up to Offie and greeted him.  They proceeded to take a walk (with her entourage) and then Offie gave a great speech with the mayor standing by his side.  Just another thing about Offie that I never knew...he really does know the mayor!  This guy is full of surprises.  Happy Birthday Offie!


Thank You for arranging Roxi apperance at the party. She had a ball. Everyone enjoyed her very much.

Posted by: UltraOffie | Nov 14, 2007 8:23:06 AM

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