Trek Women
October 31, 2007


Sheryl2_2 A change will do you good... Every day is a winding road…All I want to do is have some fun…Are you strong enough to be my man? Strong women rock…literally. They are an inspiration to all women no matter what they do.

I have been in Vegas for a week now. For our final night gala we hired 5 aerialists and Sheryl Crow as the headliner. The aerialists were incredible. They hung from swings and ropes from the ceiling of the Grand Garden Arena in the MGM Grand. It was mesmerizing. After the aerialists finished their set we listened to an all female electric string quartet that was like nothing I had ever seen before. As soon as the quartet ended Sheryl Crow took the stage. WOW! I was lucky enough to see her back stage during the meet and greet. She is tiny, tiny, tiny (not to mention rich, rich, rich) but totally grounded and she exuded such a peaceful calming presence. You could just tell that she was a strong confident woman that was in a good place in her life.

The feeling of being on the road with Sweetness puts me in a great mental space. After a ride I am able to enter back into my world a groovier, calmer, healthier person. I feel centered and able to take on my crazy life without feeling too overwhelmed. I know I’ve said all these things before but repitition is good for the soul, right? At one point during the show Sheryl asked the audience what day it was. Someone yelled Monday and she replied, “I had no idea. Every day is Saturday to me. I guess I have a pretty good life.” What a great way to look at your life. First, recognize that you have a good life and second, live every day like it’s Saturday. That way you’ll always be in a good state of mind. Not bad advice. Come on, who doesn’t love the weekend? I dig the way she thinks. Oops, I almost forgot…she rides bikes too. Pretty cool.


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