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October 15, 2007


About a week ago Jill from Trek with WSD demo trailer asked if I would be attending the Mountain Bike Festival in Maryland, sponsored by the Delaware Trailspinners, about 45 minutes from my house.  The Loveman and I have mountain biked and done races in Fairhill where the ride is being held.  (FYI - Race for me does not mean that I am a rock star mountain bike rider.  It just means I signed up and completed the course and had a blast.)  I told Jill I would be attending and riding on November 4, 2007 with the whole family.  I also asked if she would put aside one of the WSD mountain bikes for me to ride.

I absolutely love to mountain bike but I never seem to have the time for it.   It is so much quicker to roll out of the driveway on your road bike than it is to pack up your bike and head to the trails for a ride.  Yesterday the Loveman insisted that I pass on the club ride and go mountain biking with him and his mountain biking buddies.  He pointed out to me that I needed to go at least once before the festival.  Good point.  Now these guys go about twice a week and they’re pretty darn good.  One of the guys in particular, Rick, is really amazing and fun to watch.  He was hopping on and off of logs (one wheel at a time) while he was waiting for the group.  Not too intimidating before going on a ride for the first time in 2 years.  Yes, that’s 2 years…talk about cobwebs on a bike! 

Shorts Ok, so I was having a little anxiety for the first ten minutes.  I was actually stopping and walking my bike over log piles.  That is so not me.  Then I got behind Rick and every time he did a trick over a log pile he inspired me to do something also.  Next thing you know my skills kicked back in and I was riding over everything and doing pretty well.  Then we were on a crazy fast single track with switchbacks that went down a hill, over a steep mini cliff and then you had to pull a hard left.  I was in the zone and going wild.  I came down the hill so fast that I lost control, missed the left turn and had a major crash.  Loveman was behind and came running to my side.  He immediately asked if I was ok and then said, “As I watched my wife careening down the hill I thought to myself, that would really suck if she died.”   I said, “No I didn’t die but I peed in my pants.”  I was so scared when I lost control that I really lost control.  He got hysterical and said, “Oh we’ve got to tell the guys.”   Everyone had a good laugh and I continued riding in my wet pants.  What was I going to do…ride naked?  I had no choice.  Now I know how my kids do it and I proudly told them about it when I got home.  But I must say that my Trek WSD shorts worked very well as a super absorbent pad.  Out of all the shorts I have ever worn the Trek WSD shorts have the largest most comfortable pad I have ever seen.  So now I know that the shorts are not only used for comfort but also for those moments when you get the pee scared out of you.   


love the blog- you give me much needed smiles & thinkin'-(just thinkin- it'll take some more time) of maybe getting my bike out- you are an inspiration for strong females!
chris (aka- murray's dudette!)

Posted by: christine koch-davis | Oct 16, 2007 11:14:39 AM

hi there,
Remember when I said I wanted to ride with you and Loveman. I think I just changed my mind. Not sure if it was the crash or the pee-ing in the pants. Either way, maybe I will start with the girls. Hugs!

Posted by: Melissa | Oct 17, 2007 12:04:20 PM

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