Trek Women
October 14, 2007


This weekend our club was doing their first ever luncheon ride, i.e. ride and then go to lunch at Enotria after the ride.  We always go to coffee shops after we ride but never to an actual eating establishment.  I was so excited.  The Loveman knows how I feel about eating and insisted that I do the ride.  Forget about the riding, it’s all about the food.

I showed up promptly at 9am only to be welcomed by 5 of my favorite riders in the club, John, Ed, Dave, Bob and Les (also known as the seniors).  Let me tell you a little bit about the “Boys of Bel Air.”

1.     John – 66 years old – He just did the Chicago Marathon last week and completed 18 miles after one month of training because he is so strong from the bike. He climbs mountains on a daily basis.  No joke.
2.    Ed – 67 years old and has legs like a 25 year old.  Soft-spoken, great sense of humor, and dynamite on the bike. 
3.    Dave – 57 years old (a senior wannabe) – Just started riding a year ago and he is like the new LanceSenior1_2 Armstrong.  He is also the guy that had a million flats on the covered bridge ride (he will never live it down).  See the 8/28/07 blog.
4.    Bob – 61  years old – He’s a sailor, a rider, a winemaker and someone that genuinely cares about making the world a better place for riders.  Oh ya, and he also looks a bit like Santa.
5.    Les – 67 years old - Luckily he’s married or I would marry him.  He has one kidney, celiac’s disease and is a killer skier...a freak of nature.  He uses riding as his training for ski season.  He could also drop pretty much anybody on the bike.

The thing I like about riding with these guys is that they are far less competitive then the 30 and 40 year old riders because they don’t have anything to prove.  They are incredible riders but don’t feel the need to rub it in anyone’s face.  They always provide me with lots of material and many laughs.  I am thinking about starting a band called “Susan and the Seniors”…at least I know I would be able to find an audience.


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