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October 21, 2007


Onelesscar3 Onelesscar
This past weekend the Loveman and I participated in Tour du Port, an organized bike ride sponsored by One Less Car.  One Less Car is an advocate for safe and effective transportation alternatives in Maryland.  The organization believes that through education, lobbying, and advising our government officials, we are lifting the barriers to realizing the power of having real transportation options for all Marylanders.  It is an incredible organization doing great things. 

Over 1600 riders showed up for the event which had a few different routes that traveled through the Inner Harbor and historic waterfront neighborhoods and ports.  Onelesscar2 The Loveman and I decided to make it a social ride with a couple of friends.  We stopped and visited friends and family along the way and took advantage of every photo opportunity.  I even met some really cool chiclet riders!  It was a Sunday stroll on the bike. 

At one point Jim and I were stopped chatting with some people when one guy said to us “Ya, I saw a bunch of those people on bikes and I wanted to take out 5 of them.”  The Loveman and I stared in disbelief.  Onelesscar1_3 He was dead serious and actually proud of himself for saying that.  Clearly he needs some help.  At another point in the ride an angry motorist came up next to me and said, “You’re not a car!”  Once again, clearly missing the point of the ride…and yes, as far as he is concerned I am car.  I smiled and waved and told him to have a nice day.  I think he would have preferred a fist fight but I didn’t want to get Sweetness or my cycling clothes dirty.  Even though the organization is getting more and more recognition every day we still have a long way to go before we will have everyone in support of One Less Car.  Now get out there and do your part! 


The pictures are great. You live in a wonderful community that offers a lot of good events for participation. You are getting a lot of good presence for YOU and TREK. Keep it up sister.

Posted by: Trek Sister Marie | Oct 22, 2007 9:11:32 PM

Hey Susan:

I'm the chick with the wrist swollen two times it's normal size and turning sorta at a 38% angle and scrapped off part of right knee.... It was a fun ride. Most importantly those awesome guys at Princeton Bike shop will return my bike to its beautiful- god I wish my rider didn't ride me so hard- state.

My buddies and I appreciate the pix on your blog. I lost 90 pounds and LOVE LOVE LOVE biking. Sometimes I only LOVE LOVE my husband, kids and dog- so do the math!

Take care and happy days- see you on the trails and give LOVEMAN my best


Posted by: Joy Bloomquist | Oct 23, 2007 9:59:58 AM

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