Trek Women
December 21, 2007


I got up this morning feeling bloated and a bit hung-over from all the holiday partying I have been engaging in.  I immediately started thinking about all of the things I needed to accomplish in the day.   As usual, the list was pretty big. 

Before I could get moving on anything I told the Loveman that I really wanted to ride Sweetness.  He looked at me and said, “Well you can and you should.”  With that he headed out to the garage to give Sweetness the once over. 

I layered up my cycling clothes complete with toe warmers and booties and off I went for a ride.  I rode 20 miles and it wasn’t fast and it wasn’t long but I got out for a ride.  It was some of the most relaxing time I’ve had in a while.  I was able to think about what I have ahead of me over the next few weeks and as well as what I need to accomplish over the next 72 hours.   We’ll see how I do.

I’m already trying to figure out how to get out on x-mas day for a quick ride.  It’ll be my present to myself.


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