Trek Women
February 11, 2008


When I called home last night the Loveman said that we had just lost power.  Then he added, “There are a lot of sirens and fire trucks coming up our road.”  This is pretty much how our life is where we live.  We have a lot of trees and the power lines are above ground so if it gets a little windy we inevitably lose power.  Last night it was super duper windy and the temperature was dropping quickly.

As I was driving up our road the driver coming toward me rolled down her window and was in a complete panic.

Unknown Driver: (screaming) Where do you live?!
Susan: 514.  Where do you live?
Unknown Driver: (still screaming) I live at 512!!  I’m your neighbor!
(I looked a little surprised as I had never seen her before in my life.  Clearly, she was my new neighbor.)
Susan: Oh, hi…what’s going on?
Unknown Driver: (Still screaming even louder) A power line went down in our yard and there’s a big fire and it’s moving up the hill to our house.  The fire trucks are here and everyone needs to evacuate.
Susan: (short pause - still while thinking she's a bit nutty) Thanks, I better go get my family.

As I pulled up to our house I could see the smoke and the fire in my neighbors yard.  There was definitely a fire, no doubt about that.   I kept the kids in the car and ran in to get the Loveman and Seamus.  He put Seamus in the car and we ran next door to get a little closer look at the fire.  There were about 8 firemen and a few trucks.  They were trying to use rakes to put out the fire (that was all over the yard) as opposed to water, which was a good move.

When we drove out onto the main road we noticed that it had been completely closed down. That's never a good sign.  As we headed out to get dinner we looked at each other and laughed.  What else was there to do? 

Jim: Oh well, so we lose this house in a fire.
Susan: It’s funny but I don’t even care.  Been there, done that.
Jim: Yeah, I hear that.
Susan: I’m hungry.  Anyone hungry?
Monkeys: We are!

When we got to the restaurant we had a beer and chuckled a bit.  We had lost our home 3 years earlier during hurricane Isabelle.  It was truly a nightmare.  It just seemed a bit ironic to think that maybe it was about to happen yet again but this time in a fire.

Susan:  I could care a less about anything we own.
Jim: Me too.
Susan: It’s just a house and some stuff.
(Long pause followed by a gasp)
Susan:  Oh my god, not the bikes!  We totally forgot about the bikes!

We headed home shortly after and the fire was fine but we had no power all night.  It was 50 degrees when we woke up this morning and everyone was sneezing and their tootsie were cold...but you know what?  At least we still had our bikes! 

It's the little things in life...


Glad everybody came out okay!!! (the bikes too ) Keep those tootsies warm now...

Posted by: Sue | Feb 12, 2008 2:48:11 PM

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