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February 18, 2008


Yes, yes and yes, the biggest loser is still happening!!!  I know I have been ignoring the topic for a while and I apologize but sometimes dealing with weight loss can be such a drag.  Just looking at my back fat in the mirror can put me over the edge.  Is there really any reason why we can't just shave our fat off with a big ass potato peeler?  If life was so easy...

So it's week six and I am down 12 pounds.  I am steadily losing a pound or so week and I'll take it.  Yes, I'm eating right, working out and sending some pretty serious voodoo to the other contestants.  But, come on, losing weight sucks!  I can be a little bitchy about it if I like, right?  Although I must admit that I am enjoying my daily breakfast of low fat oatmeal with a spoonful of flaxseed for got measure.  If nothing else it keeps me clean as a whistle.

106_9713_4 Here's my strategy...I'm gonna be slow and steady and then in the last two weeks I'm gonna spend 3 hours a day in a sauna in addition to working out, eating only figs and drinking water with lemon.  I am not prepared to lose this competition so ladies, "Get ready to rumble!"

PS - The above photo is my fab friend Molly (who I work with) and I in the Bahamas.  Molly is the organizer of the biggest loser contest and I must say she is going strong.  If there's one person I wouldn't mind losing to it would be Molly...but that's it!

PSS - The photo of me...I just couldn't resist.

PSSS - I still have no idea why every bloody person that comes to the Atlantis has to have their picture taken in that silly chair...but hey I was doing it just like every other idiot that walked by.  Peer pressure I guess.


Susan, regardless of what your eventual weight loss goal is, 12 lbs is fantastic!!! And you're losing it the right way--a little at a time. Our bodies don't like dramatic changes. Keep up the good work!

Posted by: JohnT | Feb 20, 2008 9:24:07 PM

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