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March 26, 2008


Palmtreeonbeach1 After being here for 5 days I have finally found some internet service...but here is the problem, I never have a moment to get to it.  I am very busy chasing my kids up and down the beach, hanging by the pool making sure my kids don't drown, and eating and drinking til my hearts content.  I am busy in a different kind of way, a vacation kind of way. 

There is a fair amount of riding and running that goes on around here.  The one thing that my children and I keep noticing is that no one ever wears a helmet.  Old, young and everything in between, no helmet.  Believe me if I had to choose one place where I would wear a helmet while crossing the street it would be in Florida.  The drivers are horrible and the majority of them are over 80.  No joke.

Personally I have barely been exercising. If I exercise I need a sitter and finding a sitter is a whole new set of challenges.  Sometimes its good to have a little rest time, right? 


we're on vacation too just south of sarasota in a place called casey key--just thought you might want to know that there is an incredible biking trail that just opened up from sarasota to venice. the county took an old railroad path and turned it into an eleven mile bike path. it's called the legacy trail. have a good vacation--all of us mom's deserve it.

Posted by: kelly | Mar 28, 2008 3:28:43 PM

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