Trek Women
March 29, 2008


I would like to start this blog out by apologizing for barely writing last week.  I could only get dial-up (what's that?), I didn't have a car and it seemed near impossible to take my kids anywhere that didn't involve water, ice cream or sand...not neccessarily in that order.  Oh ya, and did I mention that the Loveman left 4 days early because he had to "work"?  I could only be so lucky.

Here's some highlights from the trip...

  • Fiona turned 6 years old, had a pool party, and ate half an ice cream cake.
  • Seamus smacked his cousin Max about 5 times a day.
  • Liam started playing tennis, fishing and boogie boarding.
  • Kiley found out that she has a future in Olympic diving.
  • Fiona started swimming in 9 foot deep water for hours on end and never drown.
  • Someone spotted a shark in the ocean while the kids were swimming.  I didn't tell them. 
  • We went out for ice cream every day.  I was the official "drip cleaner".
  • I traveled alone with 4 children alone on an airplane and I didn't jump out the window.
  • Liam decided to tell me that he was scared to death of flying right before boarding.  Nice.

All in all it was a good trip with the family and I know the kids had a ton of fun.  Now I need a vacation from my vacation!



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