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August 27, 2008



So I finished, I'm recovered and happy to report that I am done with triathlon number 2, the Iron Girl Columbia.  The swim was 1/4 mile longer than last week (don't ask me why) and I finished in 2:05.  Not extremely impressive but I did ok in my age group and 400th out of 1700 so I felt good about that.  Now that I have the drill I know what I need to work on! 

Here's a few things I learned a few things about myself as an athlete (using the term loosely of course). 

  1. I like doing a lot a things in a short period of time that way I don't get bored.
  2. I shouldn't worry about how I look in my suit and shorts.  There are a lot of other women that also look like sausages.
  3. I don't like seaweed, lily pads or sea muck.  I found it in some odd places after the race. 
  4. I never realized that treading water for 7 minutes would be such a great warm-up for the swim.
  5. I don't like everyone having their age on the back of their leg.  I found it very distracting.
  6. I need to get a milk crate to sit on during my transitions. 
  7. Don't ever get caught on your neighbors milk crate during transitions.  Not so good.
  8. I don't think I should talk to people while they are racing.  They don't seem to like it.
  9. I should never have tried to instigate a towel whipping contest in the transition area.  It really pisses the racers off. 
  10. I had a blast racing and enjoyed reminding myself that while I was involved in 2 solid hours of exercise most people were still in bed.

Irongirl I had fun doing the Iron Girl with my friend Diane and never for a moment did we take ourselves too seriously.  All good, all fun, all the time! 


Yea for you!!!!!!! I am glad you girls had so much fun! Congrats. I laughed out loud when I read the blog! I remember finding seaweed too! I miss you much!!!!!!!!!

Posted by: Jen | Aug 28, 2008 9:25:03 PM

Yes..I made your blog! Thank you for not mentioning that I finished a full 10 minutes behind you, and that you zinged by me on a killer uphill climb that just about finished me. Thank you also, for letting me know I should be using 1st and not 7th...that little tid bit allowed me to get through the rest of the race. And why yes, my legs did feel like cement blocks after I got off my borrowed bike (ahhh yes..thanks for that too!). So my big lesson for the day -- Learn How to Ride. Other memorables, don't believe anyone who says the finish is just over that hill, just around that corner, or just out of eyesight. But hey, we're irongirls now (grrrrr) and proud of it!

Posted by: irongirl2 | Sep 2, 2008 9:00:16 PM

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