Trek Women
August 10, 2008



Last week we took Fiona's training wheels off.  Like every little kid she fell about a hundred times, a few times with tears and a few times with blood.  All the while she kept saying "I can't do it!"   Of course, we continually encouraged her, bribed her and helped her along in any way we could.

About three days ago it all clicked and when it did I saw the biggest smile on her face as she road down the driveway.   She was so proud to have finally mastered the skill of riding independently while pedaling.

Fiona2 I think the advice that my 8 year Liam gave her really helped everything fall into place.  He said to her, "Fiona, I learned this in my bowling book, just don't think and you won't lose your balance."  I have to admit I had never heard that one before but it sure sounded very impressive coming out of his mouth.  I'll have to borrow his bowling book and see it I can pick up some tips on riding.


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