Trek Women
August 18, 2008



Of course we all know who Gary Fisher is, right?  For those of you who don't, Gary Fisher  is considered one of the inventors of the modern mountain bike.  Fisher started competing in road and track races at the age of 12 and was pretty darn good. He was suspended from the sport in 1968 because race organizers felt his hair was too long, and cited a rule that agreed with them.  This guy is truly an individual and that moment really captures his spirit.

He has been designing mountain bikes with Trek since 1993 and I was lucky enough to demo his 2009 Gary Fisher Roscoe mountain bike.  I went out for about an hour on Trek's mountain bike trails at their headquarters in Waterloo, WI.  The bike handles extremely well and is fun to ride especially on the well designed trails.  Just in case you are wondering it handles well when you fall too!

Roscoe Gary spoke to the group on opening night and unveiled the biggest surprise of Trek World.  Ready?  Gary Fisher has just designed a line of 2009 ROAD BIKES and they are super cool! 

But the best part of it all is that I got to meet Gary up close and personal.  I had been trying to track him down for 3 days and finally I ran into him at a bar.  I ran up to him told him what I thought of him, his snappy 3 piece outfit and his rad new line of bikes...then I asked if I could get a picture with him.  He enthusiastically said "Of course!"  He pulled me close and as the flash went off he exclaimed, "What a fabulous moment!"  This guy is one of a kind!


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