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August 14, 2008



Our family had a fantastic day at 12 Hrs for St. Jude.  In addition to being a great event for a good cause, it was a ton of fun for our family.  The Loveman and I both got to ride and what a ride it was!  In usual Susan fashion I had way too much fun and had a pretty fantastic crash.  A fast downhill, a quick turn and then a back wheel catching the edge of the trail...all lead to my wipe out.  The best part of falling was that I had about 6 guys from the EMT team there as my audience.  What's a wipe out without an audience?

Fiona Liam and Fiona both brought their bikes and rode for about 7 hours straight.   Liam went on trails, set up obstacles and got tips from other riders while Fiona circled the area.  She was so thrilled to be a part of her first biking event that she never got off her bike. 

Liam_4 Just when we were about to leave one if the organizers, Phil, came over and gave Liam and Fiona medals.  Liam received his medal for being on his bike, both on and off trails, for 7 hours and Fiona received a medal for being the youngest kid that stayed on her bike the longest.  You would have thought he had just given them each an all expense paid trip to Disney.  They had huge smiles on their faces.


On the way home in the car they could barely contain their excitement.  They said, "Hey Mom, we won medals today but what did you win?"  I replied, "I did win today.  I had the pleasure of watching the two of you happily ride around all day and win medals for being two of the most determined young riders there.  That's all I need to be a winner." 

It's days like this that I realize that being a mom is better than anything else in the world. 


And it is reading a blog like this one that reminds me and Uncle Tom just how proud we are of all of you! I am so honored to become a part of this family.
(and I guess it is time for me to learn to ride...)

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