Trek Women
August 20, 2008



There were so many things about Trek World that I enjoyed but for me the best part was the big bike ride through Madison that followed John Burke's talk on One World, Two Wheels.   There were several hundred Lime bikes and helmets waiting outside of Trek World.  It was a beautiful sight and it really got your adrenalin going. 

Dscf9259 Once everyone one had hopped on a bike John Burke lead the hundreds of riders through downtown to University of Wisconsin.  As people left dinner they went outside and picked up a different bike.  As people made pit stops along the way they left their bike on a bike rack.  Dsc_0047_2 When people left downtown they picked up a different bike off a bike rack. I even took my bike back to the hotel and road it back the next morning!

The whole share bike concept is fun, practical and user friendly.  I was very happy to be a part of such a great evening that sent out an important message to everyone.  GO BY BIKE!


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